10 New-Apps-that-will help you kill time
Top reasons to procrastinate

While your smartphone can certainly make you more connected and productive, it can also be the ultimate in procrastination tools… so why not kick your idle time up a notch with the cream of the crop in time-wasting apps?

Whether you’re bored on a rainy afternoon, waiting in line or simply feel like your day’s plans and chores can wait, these apps will help you truly maximize your potential for procrastination.

1. Do It (Tomorrow) (iOS/Android, free)

do it tomorrow

Born to be in every procrastinator’s app list, Do It (Tomorrow) is a simple to-do app for everyone who loves to put things off to tomorrow. Add a new task and postpone it until tomorrow with a single click. Unlike other to-do-list apps, Do It (Tomorrow) only allows you to add tasks for today or tomorrow – great for those who hate planning ahead. Why waste your precious spare time doing stuff now, if it can wait until tomorrow?

2. Candy Crush(iOS/Android, free)

candy crush saga

This is literally the sweetest and delicious game you will come across. Is it addictive? Hell yes! We can vouch for it, all thanks to its innumerable game invites on social media platform. Its tasty graphics will make you spend your idle time in the most challenging yet fun way. It lives up to its reputation of ‘Dolce Far Niente’, a popular Italian phrase, which means sweetness of doing nothing.

3. Pinterest (iOS/Android, free)


There are few things that guarantee as much fun in your downtime as pinning inspiring things with Pinterest, a web tool for collecting and sharing images and videos. Whether you’re looking for ideas for kitchen makeover ideas or just pandas on rocking horses, the more spare time you have, the more you can pin and the bigger your image and video collection will be – so you’ll have even more to share with your friends.

4. Opera Coast (iOS, free)

coast by opera

This is one of those revolutionary browsers which ain’t like a browser. Believe it or not, it will throw away your expectations of a browser and its design will shock you. It’s a new, innovative, fun and free passage to waste away some idle moments. With the app, you can get high on web content without feeling any less excited about it. It has your back. So, install it, you’ve got nothing to lose and start wasting time well.


5. Nimbuzz (iOS/Android, free)


Nimbuzz is a must-have chat app for all those who have time on their hands and believe connecting with friends is the best way to spend idle time. Built in with all-in-one social community chats – Gtalk and Facebook and social entertainment features – Social Games, Chat Buddies, the app is a great way to stay buzzing always.

6. Draw Something (iOS/Android, free)

draw something

Improving your artistic skills is a great way to procrastinate. And, with the Draw Something app, it can be fun, too. This popular drawing game gets you to draw a random word for your friends to guess, or challenge people through Facebook and Twitter.

7. TED Air (iOS/Android, free)

ted air

TED Air is a must-have app for anyone who wants to know more. It offers a wide collection of inspiring videos where experts share their knowledge on almost any subject imaginable. And, if anyone accuses you of wasting time, with this app you have the great excuse that you’re learning something, too.

8. Flipboard (iOS/Android, free)


This is one app which will just keep you hooked. Flipboard gives you all the news and updates from around the world in one personalized magazine. Its user interface is visually rich and gesture intuitive that it actually feels like you are reading a physical magazine. To begin, pick a few interests and tap any of the tiles to begin flipping through your personal magazine.

9. Logo Quiz (iOS/Android, free)

logo quiz

How many logos of popular brands are you able to recognize? Hundreds? Really? Take the challenge with the Logo Quiz app, and guess as many as you can. Why tackle your chores when there’s useless pop culture knowledge to test?

10. HootSuite (iOS/Android, free)


There’s no such thing as too much socializing, especially when you feel some things can wait until tomorrow. HootSuite is a social-media client that helps you manage multiple social-network accounts from one powerful dashboard. Access your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts and check in on Foursquare, all in one place – so you’ll always have some social updates to distract you.

Well that’s our list of apps that help you waste time well, if you any more suggestions please share the app name with us in the comment section below.

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