You’ve forgotten to mute your microphone and now your video call has been disturbed by background noise – awkward! To ensure moments like this never happen, you may need to brush up on your video conferencing etiquette. With this knowledge, you can help ensure the complete success and professionalism of your conference call, not to mention avoid any cringe worthy social situations! Below you’ll find just five tips to get you started – for further advice, get in touch with a video conferencing specialist such as Com2 and learn from the experts.


1. Dress Appropriately

However you would dress for a physical conference is how you should dress in the video version. Even if you are video conferencing from home, it is important that the professionalism of the meeting is on par with how it would be in a real meeting. Whether you wear a suit and tie, or it’s the usual t-shirt you would wear to a meeting, your presentation is all part of the success of your video conference.

2. Be Prepared

Being punctual for the set start time is imperative. Give yourself 15 minutes in advance to sit where you will conduct the video conference in order to double check your microphone and webcam. If you have information to discuss, have it printed as a hard copy in front of you, so you don’t have to mess around on your computer during the conference. Turn your phone on to silent and also make sure your vibrate feature is turned off.

3. Introduce Yourself

When the call starts it’s important to introduce yourself with your name and with other information depending on the nature of the video conference. Make sure you are attentive and catch other people’s names (depending on how many you are video conferencing with) so you will be able to address them correctly and direct questions at them specifically if need be.

4. Mute your Microphone

Muting your microphone when you are not speaking is as easy as pressing a button. This will allow the conversation to run as smoothly as possible. Background noises that you may not pick up on in your surroundings will be picked up via your microphone, so it’s important to mute your microphone when not speaking at all times. Too much feedback through your microphone may disrupt the call which would not be a good start for connecting with a potential client. Let’s not forget potential whispered comments from a colleague who mistakenly underestimates the strength of the microphone and/or speaker!

5. Pay Attention

Think of video conferencing as a real life interaction – if someone is talking, would you just look away the whole time? Rustle some papers on your desk? Start filing your nails? Of course not! Paying attention is vital to a successful video conference. Looking into the camera, like you would someone’s eyes, shows you are interested in what the person has to say and you are engaged. Nod your head and show that you are actively engaged.


Have you ever had a video conference disaster? Communicated with someone who stood up and was in his underwear?

Comment in the section below to let us know your funniest encounters via video conferencing.

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