The social network

We all live in the world of social networking, though the means of social networking has changed to what it was a few years ago. Not too long ago, being social meant going to clubs, conventions and parties, but now it has evolved to a whole new level. Being social now means, how active you are on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram. Oh! I can go on for while, but you got the point. Innit?

You must be wondering why am I giving gyaan about what social networking is, how it works etc. Well too cut the long story short, today I want to share a story about two creative individuals who lived in different continents but had a similar passion. This story about how they connected online through social networking and made an epic video together.

So without any further adieu, here is the Facebook story about two independent dancers (Jeya from London and Ravi from Chennai) who became friends through Facebook and recently collaborated for a dance video. It’s a great example of people connecting from different parts of the world over a common interest and forming a bond.

Watch the video below and see how they became friends and their collaborative dance number:

Jeya Raveendran Choreographer

What Jeya had to say “Befriended this dancer on the other side of the world. We met. We danced. I made a great friend. Thanks to all the boys in India who helped make this project possible! #5000milesaway #thankyousocialnetwork#tamil #malayalam #truestory

Ravi Varma
Ravi quoted “There the first installment ready.. #FriendOverseas #DanceVideo #Featuring feeling amazing.. Thanks to Facebook for connecting the right people around the world..”
This #TrueStory of #Friendship has inspired many and is a case study for all of us.
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