A flexible work schedule might be a dream come true for many people, but it can be hard to implement if you haven’t thought it through properly. If you are set on putting a little more flexibility in your work life, there are many options you can undertake. These may include negotiating an arrangement that allows you to work from home, or even operating your own business. If this sounds like something that would interest you, you might want to consider opening a franchise, and white label franchisers such as Telcoinabox will be able to help you out there – just visit for more details.


Consider your family commitments and how you want to divide up your time. You could spend more full days with your family, but may need to put in longer hours on the days that you work. If you have children, you will probably want to spend more weekends and afternoons with them, and a flexible work schedule will allow you to make this a possibility.


You will need to be extremely reliable in everything you do, as there will often not be anyone else to back you up. Autonomy is extremely important, and if you believe you can rely on yourself to get things done, then a flexible work schedule might be the thing for you. If you’re looking to do your current job from home, being reliable will probably be a factor that your employer will take into consideration when contemplating your proposal.


Working to a flexible work schedule can be scary at first, because you won’t have anyone to really guide you. However, if you have confidence in yourself and what you’re doing, then this will be more than enough to get you through. You need to dive in and get into planning a work schedule the way you think would be best for you.


To properly create a flexible work schedule that won’t have you bleeding time and energy, you will need to keep a close eye on the time you spend working. Time everything you need to do – or at least, estimate an approximate time, so you will be able to plan more efficiently.


This very much ties into the aforementioned timing and knowing how long each activity will take you. Have a plan for everything you do, as this will make your life so much easier down the track – especially during the busier, more stressful periods. You can even divide this into different sections or categories; so a daily, weekly, monthly and even a yearly plan. Some of the longer term plans may include goals as well, so make sure you update these as you go.

Work Life Balance

These are some factors you may want to consider as you go about creating or putting into action your own flexible work schedule. Make sure you have a detailed plan of action, and that you stick to it as often as you can. Working from home or with such a schedule may be more trouble than it is worth if you don’t keep an eye on the time.

Do you currently have a flexible work schedule? Do you work for a business from home or do you own a business? What tips do you have for others who may be considering the same road that you have taken? Leave your thoughts and advice down below.

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