The PCs in one of the many new forms will be a vital part of the technology story in 2014. There’s deeper optimism of this belief because of the new form factors like 2 in 1s and new features like touch, 3D interaction, facial login and much more. In fact one of Intel’s research studies states that 49% of Asian consumers buy a 2 in 1 because it combines both a laptop and tablet in one device! Yep, it’s true!

2 in 1 devices represent a new category of computing that offer the best of a laptop and best of a tablet. Typically these devices will have a screen size of over 10”. These devices will gain popularity with consumers moving forward because they provide consumers a great value proposition of two devices for the price of one.

intel 2in 1

These devices offer the buyers the 4C benefits: Convenience, clutter-free, cost effective and convergent.

The newly launched 2-in-1s are very high on consumer benefits and are sure to provide the OEMs a huge opportunity to tap into several new usage models that are yet unexplored. 2-in-1 devices accurately enable technology to be a natural extension of the user’s lifestyle.

Intel will be willing to provide you details on how they are working with multiple OEMs and local players to innovate and empower the users with the best in class technology, in keeping with the evolving times as well as talk about PC Reinvention that’s underway in the industry.

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