PayUMoney, an online payment solution by PayU India has announced first of its kind payments collection feature – ‘SMS Invoicing’. With this special feature, an invoice (essentially a Payment Link) is sent via SMS to a customer. As a merchant, you can specify the amount of payment, the mobile number of customer, name of customer, description and transaction id for your reference. The customer receives a SMS with the above details and a payment link which he/she can click to make the payment.

Most of the small merchants utilise mobile as a medium to take orders and SMS is an easy way to send an invoice. Introduction of this feature complements the recent acquisition of Eashmart and further extends PayUMoney’s mobile offerings. This feature is seeing a strong response from merchants with over 50 merchants already using SMS invoicing.

Commenting on introducing SMS Invoicing, Nitin Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, PayU India said, “We are excited to bring the SMS invoicing feature for our users. A simple yet smart feature same as email invoice but using SMS rather than email. Time and again we have tried to simplify the payment procedure and this is one step ahead to facilitate the same. We will continue to introduce unique features to assist our users with a smart payments support system.”

1.     Where will you find SMS Invoice?

SMS Invoice can be found under PayUMoney tools in merchant dashboard.


2.     What are the parameters required for SMS Invoice?

The following parameters are required for sending a SMS Invoice –

3.     What SMS does the customer receive?

When a SMS invoice is sent, the Customer will receive a SMS in the following template – 

Dear Customer-Name, you have a payment request of Rs 123 for Description from MerchantName. Make payment at Contact for more info. 

Here Customer-Name, Amount and Description will be as per the value provided while sending the SMS Invoice. 

4.     Where to find the status of SMS Invoices sent and the payments made by customers?

All payments where SMS Invoice was sent can be viewed in the All Transactions tab in Dashboard. Further, all SMS Invoice payments can be exported in a spreadsheet (excel file) format from the ‘Export to Excel’ button present in the SMS Invoice page.

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