Monster.com_ India today introduced a new suite of features that are set to revolutionise India’s online employment landscape. Monster’s new intelligent Mobile App and Professional Networking features, created exclusively for stronger job and talent search, empowers job seekers and recruiters to identify the best opportunities and connect on the go.   

Monster Mobile App Dashboard

The Monster Mobile App allows active and passive job seekers better access to the most suitable roles, and informs recruiters for stronger hiring decisions, all on mobile. The app’s standout function lies in its customised Avatar feature, which segments job seekers by experience based on their career lifecycle, and then matches their career needs to job opportunities. Jobseekers receive alerts with recommendations and vital information even if they are not actively searching. Through the app, users can also search for and share jobs, connect with other users and recruiters, and identify salary and hiring trends.

Complementary to its mobile app, Monster India has also introduced Professional Networking features for jobs available on the Monster app and website, where job seekers and recruiters can create unique profiles and connect with other professionals on Monster’s network for more compatible job placements – leading to better connections.

“Monster is incessantly researching, developing and innovating to help employers as well as jobseekers find better by taking advantage of the exploding mobile and digital prospect,” says Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, (India, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong). “Monster is now the one-stop shop for better jobs – we provide better access through our unique mobile app and better connections through Professional Networking for Jobs.”

The Professional Networking for jobs features introduce the ability to engage with peers, recruiters and companies. Job seekers can import external contacts, keep in touch with relevant career insights, follow and receive updates from recruiters and companies, maintain scores for job-related activities, grow Monster connections and increase visibility in the talent marketplace.

Recruiters can tap into Monster’s Professional Networking features to identify the best talent for their roles. They can set up Recruiter Profiles to share and post jobs, add company updates, view follower networks and connect with candidates. Through the interface, recruiters have access to a dashboard with activity summaries and recruitment insights. 

“You are not always looking for a job but there is a big possibility that you may miss an opportunity you always desired while you were not looking,” says Modi.

Smart job recommendations from the Monster Mobile App and Professional Networking features will alert, connect and update you, essentially working on your behalf while you are occupied with your life. From web to mobile, provides companies, recruiters and seekers with customised solutions using the world’s most advanced technology to find better access and better connections for better jobs – anywhere and anytime. We also understand the challenges employers face, and Monster Analytics will provide them intelligence to make more informed decisions.”

Monster’s new features were created to address gaps within the recruitment industry. In the company’s year-long research and development process after launching mPower Search, Monster conducted a need-gap analysis and found that job seekers needed a new way to better find jobs and stay connected to the job market, whilst employers needed to better connect with the right talent at the best time. Passive jobseekers missed out on suitable job opportunities whilst they were busy with their day-to-day lives. Monster also identified that there was a need to provide a professional network platform offering better connections because job seekers typically reach out to peers, seniors, recruiters or organisations to find jobs.

To help recruiters and organisations make informed decisions for better human capital management, the company has also designed Monster Analytics – a dynamic tool that grants organisations access to data on the experience levels, domains and companies that talent transition from and go to. Employers can seek talent more effectively with these insights and develop a firmer understanding of the region’s recruitment landscape.

The Monster Mobile App and Professional Networking features are being rolled out across Southeast Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong, in addition to India.

Monster’s Mobile App is available on both iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from, Google Play and App Store.

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