Lapcare YO!M-25 : power bank with hard disk

While you keep upgrading your smart phones and tablets, the sheer number of apps that you use every day, drains the battery of your sleek new device, in no time. Even worse, as a frequent traveller, you may not have access to charging options always, while on the go, besides the need to pack heavy digital documents, for that important client pitch! To feed today’s power hungry devices, Lapcare has introduced a first of it’s kind power bank, which also functions as a hard disk –  the Lapcare Yo! M-25.  Offering a powerful 8000 mAh capacity, the Mobility Award winning M-25, also acts as a portable, expandable storage, thanks to it’s  Micro SD slot, which is  expandable upto 128 GB. So, now charge your devices, while securely accessing your files.

Reliable and safe to use, the Lapcare YO! M-25 power bank sports a dual USB port, enabling users to charge two devices simultaneously. Read your favourite book on the e-reader, while listening to an amazing number on your smartphone, all at once. The Li- polymer battery makes it extremely light weight to carry around, while the digital LED indicator for battery levels and flash light, add to the product’s utility. What’s more! An inbuilt i5 and i6 cable, makes it appealing for Apple fans as well. The stunning metallic back body lends it an elegant and stylish finish. Couldn’t ask for more!

 Lapcare YO!M-25  power bank  with hard disk

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sandeep Popli, C00, Lapcare India, said, ‘We at Lapcare  take pride in understanding the needs of our customers. Today’s devices, be it smart phones, tablets or e-readers are power hungry devices, with a multitude of apps running on them. The Lapcare Yo! M-25 power bank- cum-hard disk is the perfect fit, for today’s jet setting executives. With a  powerful capacity of 8000mAh, MicroSD slot (expandable upto 128GB) and extremely light weight, our latest power bank-cum hard disk, is a must have accessory for the new age mobile Indian, who is always on the go, and discerning when it comes to style, quality and functionality.’

Priced at Rs. 3997, the Lapcare YO!- M-25 power bank comes in classic mosaic white colour and has a warranty of 12 months. The product is available at all leading retail outlets of all formats and leading e-commerce sites including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, E-bay and, among others.

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