National Geographic Magazine India in association with Taschen books launched the collector’s edition “National Geographic: Around the World in 125 Years”. This special edition comprising of three prodigious volumes is a photographic journey through time. It has everything for nature and travel lovers with splendid, unique and exceptional photographs from the America’s and Antarctica, Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania.

 National Geographic Preview Sheet

Launched today at the Kitab Khana, the 125th Anniversary event of National Geographic flagged off with the panel discussion that featured National Geographic photographer M. Reza Deghati as andNilouferVenkatraman, Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic Magazine India & National Geographic Traveller India.

Speaking on this special event, Niloufer Venkatraman, Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic Magazine India & National Geographic Traveller India said, “In these stunning volumes, the best of National Geographic Magazine’s photography comes alive and is celebrated as art. The extra-large format transforms photographs that we may be already familiar with into something bigger and more stunning. It’s like having a Nat Geo photo exhibition that’s yours to keep at home.”

The journey of trans-continental trip in 3 volumes starts off with the Americas’ and Antarctica (Volume 1); it continues after crossing the Atlantic to Europe and Africa (Volume 2); and finally ends in the Indian Ocean to Asia and Oceania (Volume 3).

From evocative early black-and-white pictures to auto chromes, from the golden age of Kodachromes to digital, National Geographic invented the aesthetic of the photo essay, while pushing the technical boundaries of the Polaroid world. This edition will make the readers discover how National Geographic has evolved from presenting a romantic view of the world to edgier stories reflecting political turmoil, social issues, and environmental threats.

Given everything the special issue has also prime examples of the magazine’s revered groundbreaking underwater and wildlife photography for the readers. This world class set is a cultural investment to be cherished, shared, and passed down to future generations.

Priced at Rs. 35950/- the three hardcover large format (25 X 95 cm) volumes of the edition is now out for a sale at the leading bookstores. Each of the volumes comes with its own slipcase, which converts into a bookstand because these volumes are treasures to be displayed.

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