UC Browser

The report states that towards the end of 2014, UC Browser reached a market share of 11.1%, becoming the 4th most popular mobile browser after Chrome, Safari and Android Browser. But unlike the other three mobile browsers, UC Browser is not a default app on Android or iOS, making it the largest third party mobile browser in the world.

41.23% market share in India

The figure from StatCounter indicates that UC Browser captured41.23% of total mobile browser usage in India, up 9% from the year earlier. In terms of Daily Active User (DAU), UC Browser has generated a dramatic growth of nearly 50% just in the second half of 2014, garnering millions of mobile users’ loyalty and advocacy in India.

 Enjoys strong growth in other Top 10 populous developing countries

Aside China and India, UC Browser also makes excitingprogress in other growing economies, for instance, as the world’s sixth-most-populous country, Pakistan has seen UC Browser’s triumph of becoming the No.1 mobile browser in 2014. Further, according to the report, UC Browser has already achieved 29.07% market share in this country as of the end of 2014.


In Indonesia, UC browser’s market share has risen sharply from 7% a year ago to nearly 20% (19.7%) as of the end of 2014. In respect to pageviews (PV), UC Browser has achieved more than triple growth, revealed by its internal data tracker. That is to say, more and more Indonesian mobile users are having access to UC Browser more frequently every day – UC Browser has recently become the No.1 browser app at Google Play Indonesia.

While in Nigeria and Bangladesh, UC Browser also rises as a strong performer, accounting for 13.14% and 18.48% of total mobile browser usage, respectively. Hence, it has turned into the second largest mobile browser in both countries. In Russia, UC Browser’s monthly active users had approximate triple increases in 2014. Regarding PV, it has risen by 125% in the same period,  that demonstrates a lot on what UC Browser has achieved in this country. Recently, it has also become the No.1 browser app at Google Play Russia. Further, in Brazil, UC Browser’s monthly active users have also doubled, together with an about 50% rise in respect to PV.

Serving as the most used mobile internet access point, UC Browser paves the way for its long-term growth momentum across the globe.

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