Diabeto compatible with iPhone and Android

According to WHO (World Health Organization), Diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death in the world. Unfortunately, Diabetes doesn’t have a cure yet and the only option for people living with diabetes is to manage their Diabetes effectively. The current solutions include self monitoring of blood glucose with the help of Glucometer but since the glucometer logs need to be managed and tracked over a period of time, they don’t give an insight on how the individual is managing the condition. This is when, team Diabeto started working on a feasible solution.

What is Diabeto?

How Diabeto Works

Diabeto is a hardware device, which wirelessly transmits blood glucose readings from a glucometer into a smartphone. These readings can then be easily analyzed with the help of a smartphone application. The entire system is cloud based and the readings are securely stored and can be accessed by the physician/endocrinologist for their expert opinion.



The Diabeto application is designed intuitively and is accessible. People with visual impairment, hearing impairment, children and even senior citizens can use the application with ease. With the application, one can track mood, medication (Insulin intake), physical activity and even carbohydrate intake. The user can then relate these factors with their blood glucose levels.

Currently, Diabeto is compatible with 19 glucometers that are popularly available in the market.

The Journey so far

Team Diabeto has been researching and working on Diabeto since 3 years. Initially, they had received a $40,000 equity free grant from Startup Chile program and $30,000 from an angel investor. With that, they entered in alpha testing phase with the help of University College London. Diabeto hardware is CE certified.

Diabeto specs

Why Crowd-funding Campaign (Indiegogo.com)

The start-up is bootstrapped however for entering into the manufacturing phase, one needs cash capital for making molds and to manufacture the devices in bulk. Diabeto hopes to raise the money on Indiegogo in order to be able to finally ship the prototype that is ready for manufacturing finally into the hands of the user. Team Diabeto is hoping to raise $10,000 on Indiegogo.com and the campaign went live on 20th January 2015.

Diabeto would be priced at $59 but first 100 diabetos would be available for a special price of $ 49.

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