LG announces that it has slashed the price of its two mass market mid-segment smartphones – L Bello and L Fino to Rs. 13,250 and Rs. 10,700 respectively. With this, LG aims at tapping the mass market in India which is always on a look out for premium quality products at an attractive price. With this, LG aims at tapping the mass market in India which is always on a look out for premium quality products at an attractive price. With this price move, LG smartphone portfolio has the widest variety of mobile phones available in India across price points.

Based on the concept of ‘Innovation for All’ the L Bello and L Fino smartphones offer a premium design and smart user experience to mass consumers in India. Developed as affordable yet powerful alternatives to LG’s G3 flagship, the LG L Bello & L Fino are mid-tier smartphones that inherit the best of the G3’s design and innovative UX features.


Mr. Amit Gujral, Marketing Head, LG Mobiles, India said, “With a refreshed price strategy, we are now offering L Bello and L Fino smartphones, to a wider range of consumer segment, for increasing the adaption of premium design and consumer experiences derived by LG on even mid-segment smartphones.”

With LG’s signature Rear Key design, the L Bello & L Fino are intuitive and have a sleek, compact look due to their floating arc curved back with gradually tapered edges, for an optimal one-handed grip. An expansive5.0 inch True IPS Display & 4.5 inch True IPS Display on L Bello & L Fino respectively, affords comfortable multi-media entertainment viewing and a minimized bezel allows for maximum, edge-to-edge screen ratio at 74.1% for an immersive viewing experience.


A 2,540 mAh Battery combined with a powerful and speedy 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor allows the L Bello to deliver a responsive and fluid performance and a seamless multi-tasking experience. The same is supported with 1,900mAh Battery and 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor on the L-Fino.

Both the L Bello & L Fino comes with the best-in-class 8 MP Camera with powerful camera features, that include Touch & Shoot whereby one can simply touch anywhere on the screen, focus and get instant shots, the Gesture Shot that enables users to take great selfies with a mere hand gesture, an open hand to activate a three second countdown and a fist to take a shot, and the Front Camera Light that captures perfect selfies in low lit settings through the use of bright flesh-tone illumination framed around the subject.

The twosome awesome smartphoes, comes with a UX derived from the flagship LG G3. Some of the highlights of the G3-derived UX skin include Touch and Shoot feature that clicks images by tapping anywhere on the display to focus and shoot in one single step; Gesture Shot in the camera allows users to open and close a hand in front of the lens to start a three-second countdown for the shutter, and Front Camera Light, which helps clicking images in self-portrait mode.

Both the smartphone comes with dual-SIM (Micro-SIM) support.

The LG L Bello and L Fino are the perfect choice for budget-conscious young people who are active on social media. Other features include Knock Code, which was first introduced on the LG G2 that allows users to unlock the phone by tapping a personalised ‘knock’ pattern on the display. The two Smartphones also carry other premium UX features such as, Smart Keyboard, Guest Mode, Quick Circle, Capture Plus, Easy Home, QSlide and QuickMemo+.

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