LINE has tied up with FreeCharge offering users up to 200% extra talktime exclusively for its users in India.

In a week long campaign, LINE users shared FreeCharge stickers with groups to win Cashback of Rs 60 on a recharge of Rs 30 by FreeCharge. The metrics received between 7th to 16th January include 6.3 Million stickers which were sent and 3,00,000 vouchers which were distributed through LINE.

The partnership reflects LINE’s commitment to working closely with Indian brands to provide more effective way of engaging consumers. The campaign drove remarkable expanse of engagement and is a first of its kind activity in the world using a messaging service as a marketing platform. LINE aptly helps brands to connect with consumers which is also becoming the most cost-efficient way to build a significant user benefit experience.

“In the last few months, the use of LINE by companies has shot up swiftly. With millions of users, LINE has become the perfect opportunity for brands to attract their target audiences. When LINE started out, it was simply a way to communicate with family and friends. However, in the last few years LINE has proven to be an effective platform to reach and attract consumers. Consumers engage with brands through visuals, and short messages in chatting format. Consumers are a brand’s greatest advocates and are a great way to tell its story from the perspective of someone outside the company. They want a personal experience with a brand that is engaging and accessible. LINE allows a brand to do this in real time while giving users a diverse experience.”- Daman Soni,Business Head of LINE India.

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“FreeCharge keeps its followers on social media platforms excited and engaged through lucrative offers. In order to sustain FreeCharge’s credentials as an aspirational brand for the youth, we thought of engaging through LINE stickers and its official account. It is helpful to also have an engagement element to an offer which were stickers in this case.”- Alok Goel, CEO for FreeCharge India.

The goal of marketing campaign is to attract people to deliver benefits of a product and service and hopefully turn them into customers. LINE helps with that goal to give a visual and local insight into the brand’s messaging. Thus, proving to be an extremely valuable tool for B2B companies as well. Any message recall is best achieved at a time when the relevance of that message for a consumer is high. This is exactly what this campaign delivers. 

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