Sapience Analytics, the award-winning and innovative workforce analytics company, today announced a strategic worldwide partnership with McKinsey Solutions, the world’s leading business transformation solutions provider.

Under the agreement, McKinsey’s Horizon360 will deploy Sapience in their IT and operations transformation engagements, enabling McKinsey’s clients to access accurate data on their workforce productivity. Horizon360 will utilize this data to help clients derive insights and develop actionable opportunities to improve the way their teams work. These opportunities can range from selecting productive software development platforms, applying optimal shift patterns and determining internal centers of excellence to improved productivity through effective team and leadership dynamics.

Sapience is a patent pending software product that catalyzes a Mindful EnterpriseTM. By combining self-quantification at work for individuals and enterprise effort analytics, Sapience enables data driven decision-making in empowering employees and management towards productivity and wellness. Sapience has over 100,000 users across eight countries from more than 60 customers. This includes four Fortune Global 200 firms, five of India’s Top Ten IT and two of the largest Business Process Outsourcing companies, and several billion dollar enterprises.

“We are proud to partner with McKinsey Solutions,” says Shirish Deodhar, Co-founder and CEO of Sapience Analytics. “Sapience can help McKinsey clients achieve and sustain significant productivity gains and improve service quality, through greater employee engagement. We are excited at the prospects of broadening our market reach by supporting McKinsey in serving its clients worldwide.”


Horizon360, a part of McKinsey Solutions and based on the cumulative IT expertise of McKinsey’s Business Technology Office, offers tools and services to improve the IT performance of medium and large enterprises and IT service providers. It supports the entire value chain of IT performance transformation: quickly assessing current performance, benchmarking against industry peers and best-in-class companies, identifying improvement levers and quantifying potential, supporting implementation measures, and sustaining improvements over time.

“We are happy to join forces with Sapience. We believe this integration is a perfect fit for every client looking for IT operations improvement and an accurate fact base to support their decisions”, said Matthias Hoene, Head of Horizon360 at McKinsey Solutions.

“Automated activity analyses can make productivity improvement initiatives a lot easier and faster”, said Sujit Chakrabarty, Partner – Business Technology Office at McKinsey & Co. Mumbai.

The partnership includes a joint client services strategy, in which customers of both organizations can benefit from Sapience’s tool alongside Horizon360’s business transformation services.

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