Available in March of 2015, Vu Televisions is launching the biggest range of TVs in India exclusively online through Flipkart, India’s largest e-commerce marketplace. Vu’s online retail method makes luxury televisions affordable nationwide, at costs from RS 9,000 to 9,00,000.

Devita Saraf, CEO and Design Head, Vu Televisions, commented, “Years ago, Vu entered the television market with a limited range of products available in stores.  Today, Vu is launching a vast range of television sizes and configurations to compete with the likes of Sony, Samsung, and LG – and these new televisions are available to the public for purchase online.”

Vu-19-Inch-TV_Front (2)

Vu’s mission has been to bring a luxury television experience to customers at affordable prices.  In the past year, Vu has introduced 4K Ultra HD TVs, curved TVs, and large size TVs at 40% less the prices than the competition.

In order to achieve great prices to the consumer, along with easy reach and prompt service, Vu chose to sell online.  Traditional retailers are asking for higher margins than online retailers and thus driving up the costs of electronics to customers.  By going online, Vu has bypassed these extra expenses to create more affordable products without sacrificing quality or service.


Devita Saraf commented “Last October Vu experienced unexpected success with the Vu Android TV which launched exclusively on  It was sold out during the pre-launch period.  Customers have been demanding more Vu products online, and this upcoming launch is a pioneering effort by Vu and Flipkart to meet that demand.  Flipkart’s services arm, Jeeves, also ensures fast and quality installations and service which today’s customer also requires.

Vu has chosen to tie-up with Flipkart for online sales of TV sizes up to 55 inches.  Larger Vu televisions will still be sold directly from Vu or in stores.  Vu has found that more customers require a live demonstration for large size screens.

Commenting on this partnership, Amitesh Jha – VP Retail, Flipkart said, “The VU TV series has been very well received by our customers since its launch last year. We are happy to announce this exclusive partnership today and are positive that this will help us offer new-age and advanced electronic products at affordable prices to our customers. Overall, with more and more Indians opening up to shopping online for big ticket items, we are confident that the VU range of HD and UHD televisions will be an instant hit.”

Through market research and listening to customer reviews and ratings, Vu is introducing 3 new product categories this year designed to appeal to the savvy buyer.  The three categories are: Personal TV, Affordable Luxury, and Hi-Fi 4K Ultra HD. 

The Personal TV category hosts television sizes from 19 inches up to 42 inches.  These products are designed and priced to fit the need of today’s customer who desires privacy – life’s biggest luxury.  Whether for a bedroom, kitchen, office, or personal use, these small size televisions have the connectivity necessary to get content off of mobiles and laptops and onto a proper screen for healthy viewing. 

The Affordable Luxury category hosts television sizes from 46 inches up to 65 inches.  These sleek televisions have pinch thin bezels and budget-friendly prices so that more customers can adorn a large TV in their living room to enjoy with family and friends.


Vu’s Hi-Fi 4K Ultra HD category is an increased range for 2015 – following the unparalleled success of Vu’s 4K UHD category last year.  At that time, Vu UHD products were some of the fastest selling TVs online.  Now that Tata Sky has launched UHD broadcast in time for the world cup, Vu has followed with a larger range of 4K UHD TVs including sizes from 42” up to 85” and with 65” curved on the list again for 2015 – at prices that are continuously attractive. 

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