Music has always been there, even though the medium has evolved many a times over the years, the quest for it has always grown. You’d agree that we have a come a long way from records to cassettes to CD’s to MP3’s and now to streaming music. A few years back, streaming music was a privileged that many couldn’t enjoy or afford. It was only in the hands of bandwidth chuggers and people who could setup VPN’s (to enjoy apps like Slacker Radio, Pandora, Deezer, iTunes Radio, Google Play that were/are not available in India)

But things have a changed a lot and in 2015 we have a plethora of options to enjoy music as and when we like and whatever genre or artist we want. And that’s because of all the music streaming aps available in the country now. At the moment if you decide to stream music then you have great options like Airtel Wynk Music,, Hungama, Saavn and many more. But we will be talking about the latest entrant in the stable – Airtel Wynk Music.

Wynk Music

Wynk music is the latest kid on the block and is backed up by huge airtel network. One of Wynk’s strengths is manual curation – the playlists and songs you see on the home screen of the app are hand-picked and for a music lover that’s really important.

The app has a lot of Bollywood music, old Hindi songs, hit international songs and classic rock music and all is easily discoverable through Wynk’s curated playlists. In fact the curated playlists are so good that it will suit everyone’s taste.

The next important for a user/subscriber is the price they have to pay. And Wynk is a winner here too. On iOS, Wynk offers unlimited downloads at Rs. 60 per month (for airtel subscribers only) half the price offered by other competitors. On Android the pricing is closer to competition, but Rs. 99 per month is still the best price in the market. Also not to forget it’s completely ad-free.

It gets even better if you an Airtel subscriber, all you need to pay is Rs. 129 per month to subscribe Wynk Freedom app, this is to download ‘unlimited’ songs (Android-only) via 3G with no data charges i.e. the app won’t eat into your regular 3G quota. But to curb misuse, Airtel has included a fair usage policy. Android users on the unlimited plan can download 500 songs every month at Rs. 129 but data charges will apply if you download more songs. While the free tier has no ads, it lets you stream only 100 songs per month. Wynk’s FAQ reads, “If you do not have active Wynk subscription, you can stream up to 100 songs per month.”

No wonder the Wynk has crossed the milestone of 5 million app downloads already. So go ahead and try the Wynk app and share your feedback in the comments below.

Airtel Wynk Music app download link

AVAILABLE ON: iOS, Android, Mobile Web.



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