I am sure like me, most of you were wishing to watch India’s winning streak in the World Cup sitting in the stadium in Australia. But it isn’t that easy to turn your dreams and wishes into reality. Some can’t afford it, some can’t manage to travel that far and some just secretly wished but never hoped for it.

But what if I tell you that your dreams can turn into reality and you actually be sitting in a stadium watching the next match India plays in the World Cup, well almost. The only difference being that instead of you going to the stadium, the folks at F&D Audio are bringing the stadium to your place.

f&d audio

You must be wondering what are they doing? But the fact is they are giving you all an opportunity to celebrate one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and by far the religion in India i.e. Cricket. They are rewarding the die-hard cricket fan out their, doubling their excitement of watching each cricket game with its innate superior audio experience by bringing the game, stadium and everything which goes with it right in your living rooms!

Now the question is how is it possible and how you can turn your home into a Stadium. Well its fairly simple, to stand a chance to score runs every step of the way right from the Registration phase. And for registration you need to go to stadium.fendaudio.com

Once you have registered:

  • You need to invite friends and folks to join in your stadium. You can invite a maximum of 12 friends, maximum 4 and minimum 2 from each platform i.e. Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
  • Once you have successfully completed inviting friends, you can go ahead and play your exciting over. The over consists of 6 deliveries with different genre questions including MCQs.
  • All the activities in the game will get you runs which will be updated on your screen as it happens.
  • All winners to the specific game will be positively declared two days prior to the Indian games. All winners will be contacted by the F&D Audio India team. More many more surprises

Win Prizes   Stadium in your Home   F D Audio India

Stop rubbing your eyes seeing the prizes and get going – http://stadium.fendaaudio.com/playmatch/play.html?mid=M5&seq=S6 

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