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India is a land of varied cultures and beliefs. The country is set to establish 100 smart cities but still falls short at providing safety to its women. The condition of women in India has long been a matter of concern. But with technology seeping into our lives, the country is witnessing a rapid and continual betterment in life. Penetration of smartphones is on a steady increase which has given way to app developers to build solutions that can help us tackle situations in our everyday life. There is an app for calculation, an app for keeping your expenditure, an app for messaging, and an app for free calls. There also exist numerous apps for women safety today. Vee now presents Indian women with the chance to use technology in the most safest/private/secure way to discover suitable matches for long term relationships.

Built post feedback and interactions with over a thousand women, Vee is a dating app which understands the need for a secure platform for women to come out and date freely. It is a platform which empowers women to look for potential mates in a safe online platform. The app provides the users a highly curated community of matches which go through various checks before they are allowed on the platform. Vee ensures that women get a chance to meet likeminded people to have meaningful conversations with and look at long term relationships

The app utilizes the user’s approximate location, and based on the algorithms, presents interesting verified profiles with information like profession, education, photos, common friends, common interests, astrological compatibility, personality traits and hobbies.

Built to foster meaningful long term relationships, the application is designed in a way that through your activity on the platform, it learns about your likes and dislikes and gains intelligence over time. This helps the application give to the women the right kind of profiles they are looking for. This makes the chances of them finding the ideal match high. The basic features that the app provides to its users that make the experience exclusive and pleasant are:

  • ‘Hide my Info’ lets you hide your first name, can hide your education and profession as well and is a highly popular feature amongst users. This feature helps you become comfortable with eth platform initially and then eventually start sharing. We have thought through those angles and worked it out
  • There is a button called the ‘Whisper Mode’. When you activate the Whisper Mode’ every chat starts disappearing in 30 seconds. All chat trails go away from both male and female phones. No other app does that
  • ‘Swipe Down’ button can be used by the users to highlight that the profile needs to be scrutinized in case it comes across as abusive or offensive.  It gives a sense of control especially to women in terms of how the community is engaging

A free app, Vee is available on Android and iOS, but it will be soon launched on the Windows platform. To download the app one needs to log onto app store or play store and search for ‘Vee’ to download for free.

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