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Since the incandescent light bulb was created in 1800’s they have served only one purpose – give us light. The bulb since then has come a long way with technologies like LED, Halogen, Neon, Electrodeless etc. But again they did only one thing – brightened our home, office etc.

But last week I was introduced to a light bulb that not only distributed light but also cleaned the air around us. Yes you read it right, its an air purifier in a bulb. Still think I am kidding then have a look at this –

Now that you have seen how the Aeroguard Clean Air GLO air purifier bulb looks like then lets see how it works. But before that let me bring to your notice that is a quality product from the makers of trusted Aquagaurd we all have been using since decades. And as any other Eureka Forbes product you can buy the Aeroguard with complete trust.

  • The built-in ionizer releases negative ions in the air & curbs the pollutants
  • It cleans the air by eliminating smoke, odour and airborne allergens
  • As a result creates healthy indoor environment

Technical Specifications of Aeroguard Clean Air GLO:

Voltage 220-240V
Lumen 430 Im
Life Span (in hours) 10,000
Anion Output 3000000/cc
Power 5W
Size (in cm) 6 x 11.2
Efficiency Area Approx. 75 – 100 sq.ft
Colour Temperature Available in Cold White (5500-6500k) and Warm White (2700-3500k)

After reading its specifications and working, do you think its way ahead of its time? Well, I beg to differ as I live in one of the most polluted cities in the world – New Delhi and anything that can save me from asthma or other respiratory diseases is welcome right about now.

To establish the importance of Air Purifiers, here is a statement issued by American Embassy in New Delhi:

The air-quality index was 255 – a measure based on the amount of fine particulate, or PM 2.5, in the air. Such small particulates can enter the lungs and blood stream. They have been linked to severe health problems such as lung cancer.

air-quality-index Delhi

U.S. Embassy said that an air-quality index reading between 201 and 300 can cause “significant aggravation of heart or lung disease” and a “significant increase in respiratory effects in general population. Older adults and children should avoid all physical activity outdoors,” it said. “Everyone else should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.”

But we have witnessed even worse: some of the smoggiest days in New Delhi had air-quality index levels of 400, which are considered hazardous to health.

Moving on to my few days of using the product and how it actually made a difference. For the first 2 days, I had put the Aeroguard clean air glo in my bedroom. The drastic difference I felt was that there was no sense of staleness after coming back home from work. In a typical situation, when the room is locked for 10 odd hours without any ventilation, as soon as you enter you tend to feel suffocated. But with Aeroguard in place it was always fresh!

Then for the next few days, I installed the Aeroguard in my washroom and results were instant. No matter whatever you do to washrooms from incense oils to air fresheners you still feel the lack of freshness after you have taken a bath. And yet again Aeroguard came to my rescue brilliantly. So my personal recommendation is to shell out around INR 1000+ and live in a healthier environment.

If you are still not convinced on getting a air purifier for your home or office then trust me it will be too late. As they precaution is better than cure.

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