WTB86201IN Condensation dryer

Our never ending quest to find a dryer that gives us 10o% clean and ready to wear clothes, seems to have finally come to an end thanks to the Bosch Water Dryers. With the launch of WVG30460IN, Bosch has turned good into something extraordinary. I mean who thought we would be able to get ready to wear clothes right out of the washing machine 🙂

Well till we actually review it and share our personal experience on how well it worked for us, you can read more about the extraordinary washers here –

 Washer Dryer Bosch


EcoSilence Drive Motor

It is quiet, powerful and durable. It ensures low power consumption and high cleaning efficiency. It works without brushes and ensures top results. Not just that, its innovative technology works without friction for virtually wear-free operation.

Duotronic Moisture Sensor

This washer dryer is clever. It detects the moisture after the wash cycle and regulates the heat accordingly. When your clothes are perfectly dry, it senses it and ends the drying process, not wasting any energy. It also selects the optimum temperature and drying cycle so as not to damage any of your fabrics.


Offers you the shortest wash cycles across all programmes, saving you precious time by doing your laundry up to 65% faster yet giving you 100% washing performance. In short, it reduces washing time, without compromising on washing quality.


Reduce your power consumption by up to 50% with EcoPerfect. By sensing the fabric kind and the volume of the load, temperature sensor regulates and prolongs the heating process according to the available time. This in turn makes detergent more effective and save electricity.

Wash & Dry Programme 60 min

Get cupboard ready clothes at the touch of a button. This feature washes and dries your clothes up to 100% within 60 min. Just load your machine, select this feature and go back to your daily chores. When you return you will have clean, dry and ready-to-wear clothes.

Anti-Vibration Sidewalls

Besides being eye-catchy, the sidewalls with Anti-Vibration Design don’t let the washer dryer shake and shift, giving you a quiet, vibration free spin cycle. It’s so quiet; you may even sleep off while your clothes dry.

Reload Function

We’ve all done it – left a sock on the stairs, then realized it’s too late because the wash cycle started. Or perhaps you’ve put a red garment into a white wash by mistake. Now there’s a solution to this problem: the Reload Function. It allows you to open the door early in the cycle to add or remove the offending items.

Touch Control Buttons

Doing laundry is no longer tiring but a pleasurable experience. Now with the convenience of a touch you can select your favourite programme and settings. No more hassle of repeatedly pressing a button, gently make the selection and our machine will wash your clothes with gentle care.


This unique feature is very effective in areas that receive soft water. Soft water leads to extra lathering that requires extra usage of water to ensure thorough rinsing of your clothes so that no detergent residue is left on them. WaterPlus is designed to increase the level of water during the wash and rinse cycle, making sure every wash is perfect.

Time Delay

The Time Delay 24 hrs function lets you delay your wash cycle between 1 to 24 hours, so you don’t have to wait for it to finish. You can set the time and delay the wash cycle to give you fresh laundry, when you need it.

That was all about the features, we will share our experience after we have reviewed the product. If you need more information then you can see the online brochure here.

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