The90s- The Unforgettable Decade, an upcoming series produced by NGC that will showcase the highs and lows of ‘90s. The show will make you revisit the ‘90s where evolution and revolution went hand-in-hand. It was a time when technology accelerated us into our digital future, and a time when billionaires were created faster than ever before. 

With a star-studded cast of actors, eyewitnesses, politicians and celebrity interviewees, NGC tells the story of 10 years before boom turned into bust; 10 years when the Web was wide open, 10 years when transformation took place that changed the face of technology for ever.


The Technology advancements held in ‘90s are:

  • Invention of the internet and the rise of Microsoft.
  • 1990- The World Wide Web and Internet protocol (HTTP) and WWW language (HTML) was created by Tim Berners-Lee
  • 1991-The digital answering machine invented
  • 1993: Apple created PDA and later became inspiration for devices such as Palm Pilot and Pocket PC
  • 1995– The Java computer language invented by sun Microsystems
  • E-mail becomes popular as a result Microsoft acquires the popular webmail service
  • Digital Cameras become commercially available and become more affordable over time
  • Full colour flat panel computer monitors were released commercially to the public in the mid-to-late 1990s
  • 1999- Digital Video Recorders, abbreviated as DVRs, were released

The 90s: The Unforgettable Decade premieres on May 15, airs every Friday at 10pm on National Geographic Channel.


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