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Finally Delhi has an all new power hangout spot, dubbed Lights Camera Action – Air Bar. The place offers strong spices with an interesting twist of molecular gastronomy in a cinematic way. Located on the Rajouri Garden main road, it can be easily spotted and thanks to its valet parking you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot. The joint has both indoor and outdoor seating with a huge roof top seating and a cosy indoor area. As soon as you give your car keys to the valet and move towards the elevators/stairs you realise that it’s a really filmy place with Dabbang style police officer escorting you to the main entrance. Oh before you decide wether to take the stairs or the elevator, you’d meet 6 feet tall Ironman statue looking at you in the eyes. If you take the stairs you’d be see all famous movie posters on the walls till you reach the lounge entrance. Upon entering you’d have an option of taking a left to sit indoors, taking a right to sit outside on the porch overlooking the main road and metro track and the stairs to head to the roof (Air Bar).

The place lives by its name in every aspect from quirky posters to staff dress code, unique studio lights on the roof and matching tripod base tables. Have a look at a few photos to have an idea of what I’m taking about 😉

Blending these tried and tested Indian recipes with molecular gastronomy, opens a wide dimension which can’t be entirely expressed using words, but I will definitely try my best. 😉 Molecular gastronomy combines principles of physics and chemistry to give a different taste and texture to food which results in a unique and sometimes improved dining experience. This segment of food and beverage definitely require creativity.

All the dishes that we tasted were unique and had their own personalities, below starts our virtual polaroids from our afternoon spent at Lights Camera Action – Air Bar.

Our culinary adventure started with Rajnikant’s Early Morning Tea 😉 commonly known as Rasam. The chef prepared the drink on our table itself, the aroma of the freshly ground spices and curry leaves enchanted my taste buds. The coconut powder transformed into oil as soon as I stirred the drink. I must say it opened all my senses as it had the perfect blend of spices.

Next was the Amuse bouche came as deconstructed form of pani puri, which is a quite stylish and modern way of presenting one of the India’s most favourite street food in just a scoop. A bite into this and we could relish the tangy and spicy flavours that make pani puri a rage among Indian lives. The spherification of the tamarind water and presenting it along with tiny puri’s (deep fried bread) was an absolute technique. Have a look at the slideshow below to savour the ambience and delicacies at the joint:

My husband is not much of a spice lover so to sooth his throat we had Kesar Lassi Shots next on our table. To create a feel of cold to the lassi, it was presented in such a way (You can have a look below). It was impressive I must say.

Next we tried was the Chamakchalo Salad, though the chef didn’t came dancing to the famous Bollywood ‘You are my Chamakchalo’ song but never the less the salad was refreshing, with cut oranges and lettuce. Although me and my husband are a hardcore Non Vegetarian but we liked the salad along with that we had our drinks. I ordered for a Strawberry Cooler and my husband opted for a Summer Cooler but lemme just tell you these were not just simple coolers that we are served at most of the café’s bar’s these days. We were at Lights Camera Action and obviously it also came with a twist. (Below is the demonstration) 😉

The icing of the afternoon was the Hollywood Papdi Dhokla Chaat. The chaat trolley came in full on Bollywood style with smoke all around like a magician with all the edible delights. Yet again it was presented in a way I did not expect, using Liquid Nitrogen all the heads were turned to our table. To my surprise we witnessed dhokla dipped in liquid nitrogen and the sauces like tamarind, mint and yoghurt.

After relishing on the chaat papdi next on our table was Vegetarian Murg Tikka, yeah like all you guys I also checked the name twice from the chef. Then he told us it’s the Soya chaap which melted in our mouth. Along came the Pyaar Tune Quesadilla, it was tortilla bread stuffed with cheese and sauted vegetables in Kolhapuri spices. Yes, it was as spicy as the kolhapuri mirchi.

After all these appetizers there was no place left for main course so the last thing we were served were the Social Media Shakes. We had Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Shakes, which were rich and thick in taste.


So here’s my Unbiased take on dining at Lights Camera Action – Air Bar

Décor and Ambiance: 8

Menu Design: 8

Menu Variety: 7

Service: 8

Wait Time: 9

Food: 8

Value for Money: 7

Overall Dining Experience: 8/10

LCA Rajouri Garden is definitely a great place to enjoy with friends, family and colleagues. But we would like to see them host different activities on a weekly or a daily basis like – Ladies Night, Sufi Night etc. We also recommend the following:

  • Happy Hours
  • Bank tie-ups for discounts (Citibank Privileges etc)
  • Membership Card/Offers

If you too have been to Lights Camera Action -Air Bar in Rajouri Garden, then do share it with us in the comments section below

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