Outbrain, has announced the launch of Native In-Feed, a product that allows publishers for the first time to use the Outbrain platform to serve native (in-stream) advertising. Outbrain partners can sell their own campaigns and use Outbrain’s UI and tools to seamlessly deliver these campaigns to their audiences. 

For publishers, Outbrain has become an increasingly integrated partner that helps them fully maximize the reach and impact of the breadth of content they serve, including native advertising,” said Matt Crenshaw, VP, Product Marketing of Outbrain. “Publishers are increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of third parties offering the ability to serve native ads. Now they can use Native In-Feed to simplify their operations by relying on just one trusted partner. This new solution, which opens up our platform and allows publishers to serve their native ads via Outbrain, is another sign of how we are becoming more deeply embedded within our partners’ organizations.”

 examples native -in-feed-ads

Native In-Feed is the latest offering from Outbrain as it transforms into a multifaceted platform ensuring that brands and publishers optimize their content programming across the web. The new tool leverages Outbrain’s unsurpassed and growing pool of data about online user behavior, including more than half a billion unique visitors across the globe.

Native In-Feed is built on top of Outbrain’s existing technology and enables publishers to easily flight and deliver native ad campaigns, relying on Outbrain’s premium network to fill unsold inventory. The solution works with all content types and delivers the content seamlessly to mobile, tablet and desktop audiences.

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