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Imagine you are conversing with your friend on your smart phone to catch up for a late lunch. What if in that very moment you were instantly served a coupon, deal, offer for a restaurant? In one tap you grab the offer or go to the restaurant’s app/mobile website to book a table without exiting the conversation app and hop right back to continue the conversation with your friend. Happy moments, happier you. Easy to imagine. Hard to believe.

Xploree-App downloadWell ‘Xploree’ makes this possible. Developed by KeyPoint Technologies, a growth stage company with development based out of India, Xploree enables users to discover brand offers, services and content in their moment of need. In other words, Xploree engages users in the perfect ‘mobile moment’. According to Forrester Research, “a mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context.” This means Xploree gives you what you want in the right context at the right time. How is this possible?


Xploree’s advanced language technology algorithms learn and understand your intent during their conversations on smartphones. Based on this, the platform offers different services, content and deals to users while using any app. This is a paradigm shift in the way consumers currently interact and engage with brands and services on mobile devices. Being non-intrusive, relevant, simple and contextual in nature, Xploree delivers wow moments on your mobile. Another key likeable aspect is the user does not need to hop in and out of apps to get what they want. We hope to see more brands embrace Xploree to bring that relevancy and excitement into the conversation.

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