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We all have been using messengers for as long as we can recall, from sending pigeons as messengers to sending a message across the universe in blink (Yes! NASA and ISRO do that) we have come a long way. I personally have used it all from ICQ and BBM to Hike and Whatsapp but you’d agree that al of them are just casual chat platforms/messengers. So what about your enterprise/business/work chats, you’d agree that you can’t keep sending mails for everything. To fill the void we came across a service/app called Teamchat.

Teamchat is an innovative chat app for enterprises. It lets users have unlimited business conversations in a structured manner. It is a powerful communication tool for large teams that aggregates data and gives analytics vital for any enterprise. Its remarkably simple interface makes it a favorite amongst firms globally.

Interview with Mr. Beerud Sheth, Co Founder and CEO, Teamchat

As a tech journalist, I used my privileges to speak to Mr. Beerud Sheth, Co Founder and CEO, Teamchat and ask him about the app, the idea behind it and what next. Here is a excerpt from our conversation:

What was your vision behind Teamchat and are you happy with where its heading?
Plain-text messaging, as implemented by all other messaging apps, does
not meet the enterprise requirements. So the vision behind Teamchat has always been to solve enterprise communication and workflow requirements thru “smart messaging”.
We are happy to see that Teamchat is heading in the same direction as the new major emerging trend of ‘Messaging is the platform’. Possibly messaging is becoming the platform on which the largest number of new apps and services are being built. Teamchat is one such simple and powerful way to connect people, web services, enterprise workflows and IOT devices in interesting and heretofore unknown ways.

How long has it been in the market for Teamchat. How are the numbers showing? Installer base and Active base.
Teamchat was launched in February, 2015. Teamchat is being used by over 2,000 organizations worldwide, with nearly 30,000 users and growing rapidly, including HDFC, ICICI, PNB Metlife, Bharti Axa, Café Coffee Day, AAP, V express and many others.

What is your revenue model and are you thinking of any new avenues?
Teamchat app works on a freemium model. The basic app is free forever – we do this so prospective customers can pilot and evaluate it for free. The premium part is the admin panel, which enables greater control and API integration. The premium model is priced at $2 per user per month. We have a high conversions rate from free to paid version, which is very encouraging.

What next? Something new expected out of Teamchat’s table?
With the emerging trend of ‘Messaging as a Platform’, Teamchat is now offering its rich APIs and SDKs so that web sites, enterprise systems and IOT devices can instantly plug into the platform.

Are you open to acquisition if the likes of Facebook or Google wants to buy you out?
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To understand it better, let’s  watch the video –

If you have a team or work in enterprise then we recommend you to try the smart messenger app. Here are the download links for your convenience:

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