Mobile verification process made easy for startups with U2opia Mobile’s Foneverify

With an aim to boost the growing start up community across the globe, and in light of the recently announced‘Start up India, Stand up India’ scheme, mobile solutions provider U2opia Mobile, has launched Foneverify, a mobile authentication solution that verifies users in real time. In a global market where phone numbers are now the main identifier for users, Foneverify decreases the potential of security issues to arm startups with an effective and accurate verification process to fight fraud. Foneverify is available for startups to verify unlimited users, free of cost, for a specific time period. More information about the solution is available on

According to a recent report by NASSCOM, the year 2015 saw 47,000 technology driven startups in the US alone and India alone contributed with close to 5000 startups to the ecosystem. Startups are everywhere, and the number of startups is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Additionally, as per a recent industry report, with the rise in cybercrime, app developers and consumers don’t trust passwords anymore.  80% users worry about online security while 70% no longer have confidence in passwords.

Mobile verification process made easy for startups with U2opia Mobile’s Foneverify

Foneverify allows startups and app-developers to verify users’ numbers at every stage of customer lifecycle – account creation, authenticating transactions, and ongoing customer engagement. The OTP based verification is simple and integrates easily with any workflow with the REST APIs and adapts to local user preferences for maximum conversions. Foneverify ensures the highest conversion rate with automatic routing and has a real-time online dashboard to measure success rate & flexibility. The solution integrates easily with any workflow with the REST APIs, giving business the agility, responsiveness and optimization businesses need to function smoothly and seamlessly.

Talking about the solution, Sandeep Ganguly, CEO, U2opia Mobile, said “, Foneverify fits in perfectly for the need of startups today by offering mobile authentication solution and turns verification into an opportunity for customer acquisition and retention.”

With simple steps to start verifying, the solution ensures reduced time to market and improved user experience, giving business the agility the require. Some features of the solution include:

  • REST APIs for easy integration
  • Works with all channels like Web, WAP & App
  • Instant Global Reach across 200+ countries from day 1.
  • Combination of SMS and Missed call switchover to a fall back channel
  • Flexible Call flows: choose the fall back to be SMS or Missed call
  • Pay only for successful verifications
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