Vedantu, an Ed-Tech startup and provider of personalized Live Online tutoring announces an array of interesting summer courses which include Vedic Maths, Singapore Maths, Android Course for Kids, Master Chess, Logical Thinking & Puzzles and many more. Students can sign up for these courses on Vedantu’s website [] and start learning Live Online from their personal teacher. Other interesting courses such as Game Theory, Career Counselling & Goal Setting will be launched through April and May.

Earlier students were constrained to pursue summer courses available in their vicinity, but on Vedantu they can avail these skill-booster courses from experts anytime anywhere, thus utilizing their summer holidays to the fullest. Many of these courses will equip students with very important analytical & problem solving skills and rapid calculation techniques. These skills will help in laying strong academic foundation and help students perform better. Students will especially benefit from courses such as Singapore Maths which is not easily available in India and Android Course which offers hands on experience of building apps in this popular exciting new area.

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Further, in the new academic year that begins in April 2016, Vedantu is extending its academic portfolio by including new boards [IB & IGCSE], new grades [4th & 5th], new subjects [computer science, social sciences, EVS] and languages [English, Hindi, Sanskrit, French, German]. Students can now benefit from Vedantu’s proven marketplace model of teachers and custom-built WAVE [Whiteboard, Audio and Video environment] technology to connect with their personal teachers based anywhere in India and learn Live Online across these new curricula, subjects and grades.

Since the launch Vedantu has been focused on offering personalized Live Online tutoring in maths and science to students in grades 6th to 12th in both CBSE and ICSE curriculum and preparatory courses for competitive exams such as IIT JEE Foundation, IIT JEE Mains, NTSC, IMO etc. Vedantu’s expanded academic offerings announced today will help a larger pool of students across India to learn Live Online from highly qualified teachers on Vedantu’s platform.

Details of a few personalized Live Online Summer Courses:

Android Course for Kids [9th to 12th]: The purpose of this course will be to introduce kids to coding at an early stage. By the end of the course, kids would have built multiple apps. Studies have proved, kids who learn coding have good analytical thinking.

Singapore Maths [6th to 8th]: The main purpose of this course is to use ‘The Singapore Model Method for learning Mathematics’ to develop students’ understanding of fundamental mathematics concepts and proficiency in solving basic mathematics word problems. Through the construction of a pictorial model, students gain better understanding of the problem and develop their abilities in mathematical thinking and problem solving.

Vedic Maths [6th to 8th]: This course is designed thoughtfully to make the calculations easy by making them less time consuming and effortless. This course is a must for all who want to save time in calculations in competitive examinations.

Master Chess [6th to 8th]: The course is available for beginner and intermediate levels and focuses on strategies for the opening, middlegame and endgame to help students become better chess players.