32 years ago a legend was born in Beijing, China. This may sound like the intro of Kung Fu Panda but instead, Lenovo was founded in Beijing in 1984 as Legend.


For the next 20 years, the company was known as Legend. In 2002, Yang Yuanqing (YY) decided to change the name to Lenovo, which means ‘Le-‘ (from Legend) and ‘novo’, Latin ablative for ‘new’. So now you know Lenovo simply means New Legend.

lenovo-legend logo

Over the years, this new legend i.e. Lenovo has changed the way we live. And, I’m not making any tall claims here, these are the 5 products/brand/moves by Lenovo that have changed us –

  1. The iconic ThinkPad – Now many would argue that the ThinkPad range belongs to IBM and Lenovo just acquired it. But did you know that if Lenovo hadn’t bought IBM’s PC Business, there wouldn’t have been IBM or ThinkPad today. When IBM sold it’s PC business to Lenovo in 2005, they had lost nearly a billion dollars selling personal computers from 2012 to 2015. Not only did Lenovo turn it into a profitable business but over the years became the No.1 PC maker in the world.Thinkpad in space_shuttle
    FYI – http://www.lenovo.com/us/en/thisisthinkpad/history/#his-story-her-story-our-story
  2. Lenovo Yoga – Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” If he really didn’t care about the name, then he would have left this quote as written by someone anonymous. But today we remember this quote because of his name. Similarly, when most people hear the word ‘Yoga’ – Two things come to the mind:1) Yoga yoga poses
    2) Yoga lenovo-yogaOk fine, 3 things if you had Yoga pants on your mind. #NFSW
  3. Motorola (Moto by Lenovo) – Moving on to the 3rd product/brand which is the most cult smartphone brand ever. The Motorola V3 is the reason I started blogging in the first place. Like IBM, if Lenovo wouldn’t have bought Motorola Mobility from Google, then we would have never seen any products from the company. Moving on to 2016, just before the Lenovo Tech World 2016 in SFO, when Lenovo released the nostalgic Hello Moto advert in a new avatar everyone went crazy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVzE1YS9UWMHonestly, I was expecting the return of legendary V3/V3i flip phone in a modern day smartphone avatar. But instead, the world was presented with the Moto Z – The smartphone from the future. No Kidding! Look at this video from Lenovo Tech World 2016 to believe it –
  4. Lenovo Phab 2 Pro – A revolutionary phablet that will eventually change the way we interact with our phones and our world. While other smartphone makers are busy creating VR headsets and giving using rollercoaster rides. Lenovo gave us the first Google Project Tango (AR/VR) smartphone – Phab 2 Pro. Confused what an AR/VR phone can do? Have a look at this video of ours from the Lenovo Tech World
    As you would have witnessed, the possibilities of this device are endless!
  5. The Lenovo Logo – Lenovo is ‘For Those Who Do’ and who ‘Never Stand Still’! When a company believes in always transforming, how could their logo be static?

With such innovations and Never Stand Still motto, Lenovo has proved that it remains to the be most innovative tech company in the world. If removing ports and slimming a device was innovative then every tech company is very innovative. But it’s not 2010, whilst others are busy removing ports and launching new colours. Only Lenovo has launched the following products that belong to 2020 in 2016 –

  1. A Modular Smartphone – Moto Z
  2. AR/VR Smartphone(Phablet) – Phab 2 Pro
  3. Notebook with Halo Keyboard –  Yoga Book

Now you know why Lenovo remains to be the most innovative company in the world.

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