LG Mosquito Away Technology

If you think your TV is smart, let us tell you about a smarter one. The LG Mosquito Away Technology!

LG has recently come up with a new TV, the 32LH520D that has been tailor-made for India, and it is absolutely genius. The best feature it has, and also its speciality, is that of a mosquito repellent. Yes, you read that right. This new TV, with the Mosquito Away Technology, doubles up as a mosquito repellent in a way that is absolutely safe for your family and is absolutely cost effective too. You will no longer need to use foul smelling coil and mats and liquids to keep those buzzing pests away because this TV has got it covered with the ultrasonic sound waves.

And that makes it a Life Saver. You may ask how a TV with a mosquito repellent can save lives? Well, read this – Chikungunya, dengue sting India, with over 12,000 cases across country and 10 deaths in Delhi

LG Mosquito Away Technology

But that’s just the distinguishing feature. It’s a really good TV too and a lot of it is because of the panel that it uses. This IPS panel, which is also a new technology that LG started using, makes the TV screen sturdy and adds a lot of clarity and contrast to the picture quality. It also prevents the colour of the images from fading when you look at the TV from an angle. The colours that appear on an IPS panel TV are closest to lifelike from all TVs and this makes it really soothing for the eyes. The sound quality of the TV is also enhanced with 20W louder and clearer sound.

We think this TV is great for India because it has thought of all the India related weather protection also. The TV features protection from sun and humidity, from lightning and also from dust, which is basically all the weather issues that plague the Indian home. It’s other made for India features include a Cricket mode, making sure your sports viewing experiences are as close to real life as a TV can get you, with unmatched sound and colour. The other feature is the Bollywood mode, which when turned on, selects an equalizer that is made for Bollywood content like films etc. This equalizer will help make your favourite music pop off the screen and come to life like never before, making sure your film-watching experience is incredible, always. Also, it has been pre-programmed with 8 Indian languages so it can be used more widely in non-English speaking homes.

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Let’s just also add to all these features, the fact that it is a great ornament for your living room, upping its style quotient by a significant amount with its sleek new design. This new look for a TV includes metallic edges, very thin bezel space and a really slim body design.

At Rs. 25,900 for a 32 inch TV, it is affordable as well. If you are living in India and are considering buying a new TV anytime soon, we think this has all your needs addressed. It is one of the coolest TVs out there with all the usual smart features like HD viewing, energy saving, USB movie features, games etc. Plus it will make your living room look grand instantly. This one looks like quite a sweet deal.

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  1. LG provides the best type of Tv which is very important to me. And it also saves the life. And in this the mosquito away technology is invented. so, I am using the Apple TV which is working very good. if I have any problem when I go to the Apple Tv customer support which provides the best support. This post is really nice and helpful to me.

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