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How many times have you spotted a cute top in a photo spread in a magazine that you just need in your closet but don’t know where to find? It’s a woe a fashion addict knows only too well. The presence of online fashion stores makes things so much easier for us of course, but if we are looking for that one top we saw in a random nail polish or a lipstick ad, it becomes a little difficult with the millions of items to sift through online.

Which is why a phone like the Karbonn Fashion Eye is a blessing. Karbonn is India’s top-selling smartphone company and its latest releases, the Karbonn Fashion Eye and Fashion Eye 2.0 are the best things that have happened to India’s fashionistas. 

The phone comes preloaded with this amazing app where you can take a picture of any outfit that catches your eye and the app matches it to similar items online so you can shop the style for yourself. ‘Snap, Compare, Buy’ is the how this rather innovative product is described and we are simply loving the idea of a search engine like that.


The Karbonn Fashion Eye and Fashion Eye 2.0 are also easily the most affordable smartphones around, with both the models of the phone priced at less than Rs. 8000. Because these phones are on the affordable end of smart-phones, you can expect basic performance, but the added innovation of the Fashion Eye is an interesting feature in a budget phone. It has an 8MP primary camera which is good for click photos and for the Fashion Eye app to function well. The Fashion Eye 2.0 has a 2 GB RAM powering it and the Fashion Eye has a 1 GB RAM and both phones come with a 2000 mAh Li-polymer battery. So while they may not be beasts of phones, they still perform well enough to suit the price.

The design of the phone is subtle with no gimmicky frills. I really like the sandpaper finish back of the phone. The unicolour body of the Fashion Eye 2.0 looks really classy, and it’s really nice that Karbonn has decided to stick to a very simple design for its phones. What’s also really pleasing is the size, both the phones fit in the palm of your hands quite well.

Overall, I think the Karbonn Fashion Eye phones are quite an interesting series. The addition of the Fashion Eye app gives these smartphones a serious upgrade making it instantly more desirable and several times more useful than the competition. Will it be a trend that catches on, though? That, I really would like to know.

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Neha Grover Chawla
Delhi-London-New York is where I spend most of the time shopping, if I am not visiting fashion stores than I am busy clicking pictures and blogging about fashion, food and lifestyle. I am an Instagram addict, you can follow my fashion trends on The Unbiased Blog and write to me if you want me to review your product.


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