At CeBIT 2017, the world’s largest ICT exhibition, Huawei announced it’s collaborating with Honeywell to bring the smart building to market offerings that take advantage of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help make buildings more sustainable, secure and energy efficient. With this collaboration, the two companies will jointly pursue large-scale smart city projects globally to help city administrators build intelligent urban infrastructures that enable them to control costs while making their cities desirable and livable for their residents.

An important building block of the collaboration is a new IoT Gateway Huawei is working on. It is built on Tridium’s Niagara Framework and collects and analyzes data from buildings to provide detection, deduction, determination and decision-making capabilities to customers. Tridium is an independent business of Honeywell.

The solution will greatly improve building intelligence by providing functions such as access control, intrusion monitoring, and disaster detection in the security and safety field. The Gateway offers energy saving features, with functions like cooling and heating control, natural resource usage, and electric appliance management. It also provides illumination, transportation, and communication control for efficiency and convenience, while also providing customers with an innovative solution for more sustainable, secure and energy efficient connected buildings.Huawei-honeywellThe companies strategies are to help customers deploy technologies to provide more connected, safe and cleaner buildings, homes, and cities.  The Huawei EC-IoT gateway provides a variety of IoT interfaces, adapts to various building access scenarios, and unifies access and management for sub-systems such as illumination, safety, power distribution and measuring, HVAC, and electric appliance control. With open technology, the gateway can have Niagara software easily installed and can adapt to over 1,000 types of industry protocols.

Integrating Huawei’s technological strengths with those of Honeywell, the solution will be rolled out in key markets including China, Southeast Asia, South Pacific, and Western Europe across a range of commercial buildings, as well as education, enterprise, and industrial campuses. Huawei EC-IoT Solution has been successfully applied to multiple vertical industries on a large scale like the smart electricity, lighting, elevator and building industries, providing convenient services to billions of people around the globe.

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