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The Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2017 opened today in Shenzhen and will run through the 13th. Analysts, media outlets, and key opinion leaders from all over the world are attending this year’s event. Huawei lately set up Cloud BU in March, launched its first public cloud service suite ServiceStage at HAS 2017. Open to Cloud Native app developers, the new offering integrates the development workflow framework, app, and resource scheduling framework, as well as micro-service operation and governance framework.
Huawei Enterprise BusinessEnterprises must utilize benefits offered by the cloud to improve their abilities to serve their customers in the future. Huawei has been investing in cloud computing and its relevant technologies and product development for nearly a decade now, with full assurances in software and hardware. Huawei provides OpenStack-based cloud architectures for easy connection between various platforms to help build one big globalized cloud. Huawei has placed its internal IT, development, and customer service systems on the cloud. Huawei has local support teams in over 170 countries and regions worldwide.
In March 2017, Huawei announced setup of the Cloud BU with 2000 staff and launched 54 full-stack cloud services falling into ten categories. Since then, the offering has grown to serve customers in China, Europe, North America, Latin America, the South Pacific, and other regions, including some of the TOP companies and organizations as Volkswagen, Philips, and CERN. Huawei has also cooperated with carriers such as Deutsche Telekom, China Mobile, and Telefónica to provide tailored public cloud services. These clouds all run on Huawei-built platforms.

Cloud service will become a crucial part of the infrastructure to support digital transformation in the Cloud 2.0 era. For enterprises, the focus has shifted from technology and high-cost builds to achieve the needed in-house efficiencies to the incorporation of cloud services to address their “here and now” business and service issues. Enterprises are calling for new ICT architectures able to synergize with the cloud management side and the entire ecosystem. Huawei will continue to work with partners to provide open and trusted cloud services backed by a global network of local service support for the government, finance, manufacturing, public safety, career, and a long list of other customers.

At the conference, Zheng Yelai, President, Cloud BU and IT Product Line, Huawei, delivered a speech titled “Huawei Public Cloud Accelerates Digital Transformation, Makes Business Agile” during which he stated:” Cloud technology is becoming the new growth engine as digital transformations accelerate. Huawei has continued to step up its R&D, one result culminating in the cloud service offering. Huawei has become the preferred partner for many of the world’s top customers and will continue to provide high-quality cloud services with our partners as we persist in building a healthy ecology in the sector.”

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