Google Pixel 2
Image Credits: YouTube

What to expect from the Google Pixel 2?

It’s time of the year, where it pours down with flagship device launches. After Apple and Samsung had their say by launching their devices such as – iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 respectively, it’s Google’s moment now. The first generation of Pixel devices had their share of success last year with their stiff pricing. Although the phones weren’t beautifully designed, it made up in the camera department without optical image stabilization and Google Assistant was a charm, undoubtedly. Exactly, after a year, they are back and are already creating a buzz. It doesn’t seem like Google intends to sit quietly. Rather than that, it means business.

A page from Google teases, “Thinking about changing phones?” comprises with a teaser for the launch to take place on October 4. Moreover, it has launched a campaign for the second generation devices, “Ask more”, including a video, which has a set of questions that have been asked –
What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?
Why is my phone always out of storage?
Why does my phone take so many blurry photos?
Why doesn’t my phone understand me?
Why can’t my phone update itself?
Why is my smartphone so hot/ slow/ dumb?

This is a clear indication that Google has something big in store for us. We should expect a lot of changes in the Google Pixel 2 devices. Just like last year, Google may unveil two devices. We still don’t know what does the phone look like? Who has Google associated with, whether it is HTC or LG to develop the Pixel devices? Possibly, image optical stabilization will feature and our very own personal assistant, Google Assistant will be way smarter and quicker. We also hope, the brand doesn’t hike the phone pricing or make it expensive like the iPhone X.