Image Credits: 9to5Mac

Debug the bug with this workaround.

Apple has recently rolled an update, iOS 11.1 for all its users and by now, it has reached most of the Apple devices – iPhones, iPad, etc. While most of you have downloaded it and some are still tentative to do so, it doesn’t mean you don’t download the newest version. It’s always good to keep your phone updated to the latest software version as it aids in the smooth functioning of the phone.

Latest reports from Apple suggests that there is an anomalous autocorrect bug that autocorrects the letter “i” to the bold alphabet “A”. This software glitch has infected a couple of devices and not everyone, as we were asking people randomly who had installed the iOS 11.1 version. According to the reports stated by The Wall Street Journal, this issue has been fixed in the second iOS 11.2 developer beta version.

Those who are facing this issue and are annoyed by it. Rather than waiting for the next iOS update, here are few steps to sort this bug, as of now.

  • Setup a Text replacement for the letter “i”
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Then Keyboard
  • Select Text Replacement
  • Now type the + sign
  • Thereafter, type “I” in the Phrase Tab
  • And below phrase, type “i” in Shortcut Tab
  • Tap on Save.

There is another step that you can opt for now till the next update doesn’t roll out.

  • Disable AutoCorrect
  • For that, go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Then Keyboard
  • And switch off Auto-Correction.

Thanks us later and leave a comment below if these steps were helpful.