Mass Fidelity's ‘The Core’

The Core is a compact wireless speaker that combines “better than stereo” sound with an impressive feature-set including portability, multi-room functionality, and crystal-clear audio. An award-winning wireless sound system with a focus on unique immersive acoustic experiences, The Core has a built-in adaptive wireless network that enables users to connect between two and eight units to create a multi-room system at home with the press of a single button – no wires or Wi-Fi required. With multiple inputs, The Core allows for both digital and analog sources to be connected and also has a feature of an easy plug-in to the optical input.

The Mass Fidelity’s Core Wireless Sub is a high fidelity subwoofer that seamlessly integrates with your Core, adding rich, full and visceral low-range depth to all of your sounds.


The Core is a bargain for any music lover. It checks all the boxes. It’s compatible with any music source and its acoustic rendering technology allows it to replace multi-box solutions that are an eyesore for many.

If you are an audiophile then you should definitely listen to Mass Fidelity’s ‘The Core’ and share your feedback in the comments section below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog. 

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