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ACT Fibernet, India’s largest fiber broadband ISP has announced that they have data limit across all its broadband plans in Hyderabad at no extra cost starting from May 1st, 2108. This is not the first time the company is giving their users free upgrade, ACT Fibernet has provided free data(FUP Limit increase) across many Indian cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, and more at no extra cost.

Coming to the Hyderabad plans,  ACT Fibernet’s A-Max 410 has been upgraded to A-Max 425 and is bundled with 200 GB FUP limit from 75 GB FUP. Similarly, for the plan A-Max Swift the FUP limit has been increased to 250 GB FUP limit from 100 GB FUP limit. Plan A-Max 650 has been upgraded to A-Max 675 with 400 GB FUP limit from 150 GB FUP. A-Max Rapid has been upgraded to 450 GB FUP limit from 175 GB FUP, A-Max 1050 has been upgraded to 600 GB FUP limit from 250 GB FUP. A-Max 1299 has been upgraded to 750 GB FUP limit from 300 GB FUP, A-Max 1999 has been upgraded to 1250 GB FUP limit from 500 GB FUP and ACT Giga has been upgraded to 2 TB FUP limit from 1 TB FUP.

Here is the comparision chart of the previous and new plan:

Previous Plans Proposed Plans
Plan Name      Speed  

Data Limit

Post FUP Speed Plan Name Speed  

Data Limit

Post FUP Speed
A-Max 410 15 Mbps 75 GB 512 Kbps A-Max 425 15 Mbps 200 GB 512 Kbps
A-Max Swift 15 Mbps 100 GB 512 Kbps A-Max Swift 15 Mbps 250 GB 512 Kbps


40 Mbps 150 GB 1 Mbps A-Max 675 40 Mbps 400 GB 1 Mbps
A-Max Rapid 45 Mbps 175 GB 1 Mbps A-Max Rapid 45 Mbps 450 GB 1 Mbps


75 Mbps 250 GB 3 Mbps A-Max 1050 75 Mbps 600 GB 3 Mbps


100 Mbps 300 GB 3 Mpbs A-Max 1299 100 Mbps 750 GB 3 Mbps
Incredible 1999 150 Mbps 500 GB 4 Mbps A-Max 1999 150 Mbps 1250 GB 4 Mbps
ACT Giga 5999 1 Gbps 1TB 10 Mbps ACT Giga 5999 1Gbps 2 TB 10 Mbps

Speaking on the revised plans, Mr. Partha Biswas, Chief Operating Officer, ACT Fibernet commented,” The demand for higher internet data has remarkably increased among our customers, primarily because today internet is used for multiple purposes. It is used for work, entertainment, online transactions and much more. Therefore, to provide the best broadband experience to our customers, we have substantially increased the data limits of all our broadband plans which will allow them to use data as per their needs”.

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