airtek-at800ae Aircooler

The chilling winters are over making way for the beautiful spring season. Spring season is surreal with the charming nature – trees shedding leaves and flowers blooming all around. But, Spring is short-lived and is followed by the harsh summers.

Being from India most of us can relate to harsh summers as the heatwave sweeps across the country and in Delhi, it gets really unbearable. So what’s the respite and how to beat the heat?

Well there are many ways like sitting in an Air Conditioned room, drinking cold liquids straight from the refrigerators or migrating to England 😉

Honestly, sitting in an air-conditioned room seems to be the only viable option as you can’t keep having liquids or leave everything and move to England to beat the heat.

But ask yourself, is Air Conditioner the best option?

  • Is it good to be in artificial recycled air 24/7?
  • Like everything else electricity prices are only surging so do you want to spend extra?
  • Maintenance of AC’s is a pain that you have to go through annually. From finding the right technician to the time consumed and paying for it
  • And what about Skin Dryness, Respiratory problems, Respiratory Tract Infections and Allergies that are caused by staying Air Conditioned areas.
  • Most importantly the negative impact on the environment which sadly many people don’t bother about L

We are not saying that AC’s are an absolute no-no but instead you can surely substitute areas in your home or office with an alternative.

Don’t worry we are here to help you with that alternative – Air Coolers. No, we won’t be suggesting you those archaic air coolers that are bigger than refrigerators, are noisy as an ATR aeroplane or can’t be moved.

Instead, we have a marvel of engineering for you guys – Orient Airtek. As the name suggests it is Air + Tech – The technology of flowing the Air.

airtek-at800ae Aircooler

Before we talk about Orient Airtek AT800E in detail, here are some of the benefits Air Cooler’s have 

  • Low initial investment (costs 10-15 percent as an AC)
  • Runs at 1/5th power consumption of AC
  • Doesn’t have any special insulation requirements in the rooms
  • Simple mechanism. Maintenance is easy and can be done by anyone
  • Spare parts are easily and cheaply available
  • Can humidify the air in really dry areas
  • Can operate without stabilizers
  • Uses no gases or substances that have a negative impact on the environment

The best part about Airtek AT800$ is that it is highly energy efficient, and in power saver mode, the cooler consumes electricity less than a bulb! It comes with a 4-speed motor, tank capacity of 7 litres, 305 m3/hour of air delivery.

It has an LED control panel, is remote control operated and comes with off timer feature. ATES800 has a detachable water tank and is also easy to clean.

Here are the specifications –
airtek-at800ae Aircooler specs

So, instead of installing AC’s in all your rooms you can alternate one or 2 it with the Orient Airtek for only INR INR 10,990.

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