Stellar Data Recovery announces new pricing and features in India

Stellar Data Recovery® has announced a ‘Free Data Recovery Consultation Service’ for customers affected by massive floods in 5 states; Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Assam. The company has received multiple service requests from these locations for data recovery from water damaged hard drives.

The company has always been at the forefront of helping out organizations and individuals alike during the catastrophic data loss situations and played a catalyst role during last year massive floods in Gujarat and North East region by helping several people in the recovery of their critical and personal information. In addition to the Free Data Recovery Consultation service, to help distressed people across India to reclaim their digital information, Stellar has announced a 15% discount on all data recovery requests from water damaged hard drives nationwide.

“Such natural calamities like floods cause huge economic losses and distress to millions of people. We realize the severity of data loss and therefore have launched free data recovery consultation service nationwide to offer relief to people and businesses who have been affected by this calamity.’’, said Manoj Dhingra, Co-founder and Director (Domestic Business), Stellar Data Recovery.

Here are the important numbers –

Stellar National Helpline Number – 1800 102 3232

Kerala Helpline – (0484) 253 3636

Uttar Pradesh Helpline – (0120) 422 9580

Maharashtra Helpline – (020) 6620 8203/ (022) 2821 5947

Bengal and Assam Helpline – (033) 4003 1206

Lenovo and Stellar-Data-Recovery

Today most businesses rely on electronic storage devices and these devices are liable to get damaged in floods. Only a few businesses who have backups at different locations can survive such disasters. If the drive or storage media gets wet or was sunk in floodwaters, Stellar suggests the following

Do’s and Don’ts to maximize data recovery possibilities –

1. Don’t turn the Power On

Ensure that external hard drives, laptops, PC’s etc. are unplugged. Do not turn on your computer/laptop, storage box, External USB Hard Drives or the servers

2. Stop using the storage media immediately

Whether it is an HDD or flash storage, stop using the affected media promptly to avoid permanent data loss due to current leakage caused by contained moisture or water in the drive

3. Don’t try to open and repair drive yourself

It is highly recommended that you should never open a mechanical hard drive yourself and reach out to data recovery experts equipped with Class100 Clean room lab facility

4. If submerged or wet, maintain the same state for a drive

Do keep the drive wet. This prevents the drive from corroding and data recovery experts will be able to clean & dry the platters correctly; thereby ensuring minimum damage to the platter surface

5. Do not dry the Hard Disk using a hairdryer

Never use a hair dryer to dry the drive affected by water and moisture. Hot air is not going to remove moisture content from the drive as drives are completely sealed (with one tiny hole for air intake). Instead, using heat can damage the platter and other crucial components in the drive

6. Immediately reach out to a data recovery expert for assistance

It is crucial that you reach out to a data recovery expert immediately in case the drive is physically damaged due to submersion in water, moisture, manhandling, heat, and so forth.

So, do share this post with as many people as possible so that we can help out the ones in need.

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