Vivo V11 Pro

X21, NEX and now the V11 Pro. Vivo is on a roll and is all set to change the game for under 30K smartphones. The V11 Pro is a device that inherits most of the features from the company’s futuristic flagship device the NEX. While most companies keep the USP of the flagship device limited to the top range, VIVO, on the contrary, has passed on the features like In-Display Fingerprint Scanner and Dual Pixel Cameras on to an under 30K device thus making The V11 Pro a very lucrative buy.

Let’s start with the highlight of the new Vivo handset, its cameras.  Be it the front 25MP Selfie camera or the dual rear 12+5MP cameras, the V11 Pro is one of the best I have tested in this segment.

The super high-resolution 25MP Selfie camera sensor comes equipped with all-new AI Face Shaping technology, which allows you to tweak your facial features such as the nose, jawline, face width, eyes span, etc. to create desired selfie output. The self-portraits come out really good. Images have good detailing and good contrast levels.

I really liked the Backlight HDR feature that auto kicks in to control the harsh light in the background that ruins the photos. Also, there are studio light effects that further enhance the selfie output.

As far as the rear camera is concerned, Vivo V11 Pro sports a 12MP+5MP dual-lens rear camera setup. The primary camera works on a brighter f/1.8 aperture value and has 1.28μm pixels. The camera utilizes Dual-Pixel technology to improve performance in challenging light situations. The camera setup is said to have 24 million photosensitive units, which boosts photosensitivity for better low-light image output.


I captured a lot of shots by Vivo V11 Pro and I still can’t believe that a device priced at INR 26K has such capable cameras. It is very snappy and captures accurate colours. The camera interface is easy to use and offers some appealing filers to help you experiment with the images you capture.

Watch our unboxing and review video for unedited photo samples shot on V11 Pro.

The second most interesting feature of this device is its In-display Fingerprint Scanner. It was Vivo that launched this futuristic feature a few months ago with the X21 and then it’s Flagship Nex. The fact the Vivo is improving the in-display fingerprint technology with each handset is commendable. Here is how the In-display fingerprint scanner has evolved to its 4thGeneration in the V11 Pro.


Now that Vivo has mastered the art of in-display fingerprint scanning technology. The 4th Generation In-display Fingerprint scanner on the V11 Pro offers much better performance. It is snappier, takes less time and is more accurate than the previous generation in-display fingerprint scanners we have tested on Vivo Nex and Vivo X21.


The Vivo V11 Pro comes with flagship features like the futuristic In-display fingerprint technology for convenience and enhanced security. You will also get to experience a snappy Infrared Face Unlock powered by the massive 25MP selfie camera. All this is at an affordable price of INR 25,990 which is half the cost of most flagship smartphones.

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