Opera for Android

Opera browser for their Android is one of the most used browsers with more than a 100 million users across the globe. The latest update to the browser brings new features like a built-in cookie dialog blocker which, when enabled by the user, removes the cookie alert dialogs that may appear when browsing a website, which is quite annoying for most of the users when they browse too much. This feature will help users experience a cleaner and neater browsing content on the internet.

The cookie dialog blocker can be switched on in browser settings. To configure the feature, go to Settings, tap on “Ad blocking”, and you will find the switch to toggle it on. When enabled by the user, the cookie alert blocker will hide dialogs, but will not block websites from setting any cookies. To control cookie behavior, the Opera browser has a dedicated setting, that allows users to choose between accepting all or none cookies or blocking third-party cookies.

The cookie dialog blocker will attempt to block dialog attempts using a combination of CSS rules and JavaScript heuristics. The feature has been tested on 15,000 websites, a support more websites are expected to be added as the feature is in continuous development. Opera for AndroidThe next feature on the list is the home screen shortcuts. Opera users with an Android v7.1 or later can now perform a long tap on the O logo on the home screen of their phones and navigate through the new home screen shortcuts. These shortcuts allow them to start a new search, scan a QR code or open a new private tab. In addition, users are also able to long tap on the + new tab button and open a shortcut to a website on their device’s home screen.

Further, the update also includes a new text size setting which can be accessed from the browser’s main settings menu and allows you to adjust the text size on websites according to their preferences. When a website is not optimized for mobile browsing, Opera’s text size adjustment and text wrap features can improve the reading experience.

Download Opera Browser.

Other features of the Opera Browser are:

  • Cookie management to block all third-party cookies
  • Deleting private data – erase browsing history, cookies, passwords, and autofill forms
  • Private browsing  navigating on this mode will not save any browsing history
  • Block pop-up windows -enable this to block unwanted pop-up windows
  • Data savings – saves up to 60% of your data
  • Native ad blocker
  • Force enable zoom
  • Text Wrap that overrides text on a website and aligns it to your phone screen
  • Control permissions per website
  • Toggle between mobile or desktop view

“At Opera, we have a long tradition of being the first ones to provide new tools that improve people’s web experience”says Peter Wallman, SVP browser engineering at Opera. “We now invite people to try cookie dialog blocker and start to get rid of all those annoying dialogs.”

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