Yeelight announces support of Apple HomeKit enabled lights and BLE MESH driven lights

At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2019 at the Las Vegas, the Xiaomi backed company Yeelight has announced some new products which include Apple HomeKit compatible lighting products and a new BLE MESH lighting package.

Apple HomeKit Support

Yeelight first launched a couple of products compatible with Apple HomeKit under the Mi brand, including Mi Bedside Lamp 2, Mi Desk Lamp Pro and Mi LED Color Bulb. These products were launched into the market and support voice control with Siri, or the Apple Home app on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Now Yeelight has announced their commitment to support HomeKit in its own products, including Yeelight Aurora light strip plus and Yeelight smart bulbs, which are also exhibited currently at the CES 2019. HomeKit support for Yeelight products is expected to be available in the coming months.  Yeelight announces support of Apple HomeKit enabled lights and BLE MESH driven lightsBLE MESH Lighting

The BLE MESH lighting group exhibited by Yeelight includes the light bulbs, the candle bulbs, the downlights, and the spotlights, which take care of the major lighting needs in home decorating. Compared with the Wi-Fi bulbs, downlights and sspotlights Yeelight BLE MESH lighting group is the easier and more stable connection to the network. Instead of pairing the lights one by one to a network, which needs quite some work, you may connect BLE MESH lights into the network by batches through the gateway.Yeelight announces support of Apple HomeKit enabled lights and BLE MESH driven lightsThe BLE MESH technology suits, in particular, the application of bulbs, downlights or spotlights at home, which you may use by batches. Advantages in scale connection could save tons of efforts, not to mention, BLE MESH is actually more stable in connection compared with Wi-Fi. All the lights in Yeelight BLE MESH lighting group are dimmable and support the adjustment of color temperature, remote control and programmable setting through APP. Voice control with AI speaker, such as Yeelight Voice Assistant and Xiaoai Alarm, is also possible.

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