Pune Smart City

To promote cyber security and data privacy in the smart cities, Pune Smart City
Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) in collaboration with Data Security Council of India
(DSCI) will be conducting a Cyber Security Hackathon and release a cyber security policy for the Pune
Smart City.

The hackathon will focus on various technology layers and solution areas with the aim to identify
and mitigate the vulnerabilities across the elements and components across IOT, application and
network layers in the smart city solutions. The hackathon aims to sensitise on the cyber security and
data privacy objectives of the city to make itself cyber safe and secure for its residents.

With a commitment to ensure a safe, secure and resilient cyber space for its citizens and protect its
information and infrastructure from unauthorised use, Pune Smart City Development Corporation
Limited will also release a cyber security policy for the Pune Smart City. The Cyber Security Policy and
Framework developed in partnership with DSCI will provide guidance to its departments to ensure
that the cyber security and data privacy is maintained across all elements of people, process &

Rajendra Jagtap, CEO, Pune Smart City said “Our partnership with Data Security Council of India,
focusing on cyber security in a Smart City, started several months back. We have been an early
starter amongst the other Smart Cities in this important area and look forward to partnering DSCI on
this hackathon on cyber security over and above working with them on other areas of strategic

Cyber Security Hackathon and Cyber Security Policy for Pune Smart City
Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Manojit Bose, Chief Knowledge Officer, Pune Smart City
Development Corporation Limited said “Cyber security is a critical component of a Smart City
architecture. As cities attempt to digitally transform themselves leveraging the legacy applications
and emerging technologies there is a significant increase in the attack surface. We look forward to
our partnership with DSCI to imbibe some of the best practices in this domain including partnering
them in this first of its kind hackathon at a city level.”

Ms. Rama Vedashree, Chief Executive Officer of Data Security Council of India (DSCI) said “The Smart
City Initiative focuses on sustainable development of Smart Cities & harnessing digital technologies for
an integrated citizen services delivery, hence, it calls for a strong focus on Cyber Security. Given the
ever-increasing threats, use of apt security technologies & controls to cyber secure our Smart Cities &
its functioning is of prime importance. We are honoured to partner with Pune Smart City on
development of the cyber security policy framework for city and promoting the awareness by
organising a cyber security hackathon for Pune Smart City.”

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