LG India, on Global Recycling Day, March 18, 2019, introduced an Innovative Reusable Tool for Education. The idea is pretty simple – to enable LG buyers to support elementary education in India with the innovative LG BOXSLATE programme.LG BOXSLATELG BOXSLATE is a unique slate made out of empty LG packaging cartons. LG India is encouraging its buyers to donate the empty LG cartons after the product installation. The cartons are then collected from the customers, printed and cut into multiples slates. Recreating a simple elementary education tool. The idea came out from the observation that elementary education in many schools in rural India is still through chalks and slates. While many children still write on floors, there are those who do not even have enough sustainable tools to write. LG BOX SLATE has been designed to reduce this glaring social inequality and to enable such children with basic tools to write.

In the first phase of this initiative, LG India has tied up with SHARE, an NGO rooted and actively working in the field of education. “The children were happy and began writing immediately out of excitement and curiosity”, shared Voluntary Worker and Teacher, of  rural school in Uttar Pradesh

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