Fitbit Premium Health and Fitness Subscription Service, Aria Air Smart Scale Announced


Along with the launch of Fitbit Versa 2, the company also announced Fitbit Aria Air, expanding the Fitbit Aria portfolio family with a budget Bluetooth scale that tracks weight and syncs with the Fitbit app to calculate BMI, giving you a comprehensive view of your trends over time alongside your activity, heart rate, sleep and nutrition data within the Fitbit app. The company also announced Fitbit Premium, a new Health, and Fitness Subscription Service.

Fitbit Aria Air


Aria Air

When combined with Fitbit’s wearable devices and new Fitbit Premium subscription service, Aria Air gives you access to added data, information, and motivation to more effectively reach your health and wellness goals. Along with the Fitbit app, Aria Air supports the following features to help you manage your weight:

  • Option to create a plan: Set a healthy weight goal in the Fitbit app, log your food, and view weight trends alongside calories in and out to stick to a plan based on personal goals
  • Compatible with Fitbit Premium: Integrate with Fitbit’s new paid membership, featuring personalized insights and guided programs, including a two-week program to help you understand the importance of keeping an appropriate calorie range for your weight goal
  • Connect to partner apps: Sync weight data with popular brand apps so you can see all your exercise, food logging and weight data in one place on the Fitbit app
  • Access the Community section of the Fitbit app to connect with friends, family, and fellow Fitbit users for healthy eating and weight management tips, support groups and motivation.

Fitbit Aria Air

Aria Air is an affordable option for Fitbit Health Solutions customers and partners, including employers and health plans, providing an easy-to-use scale that integrates with the entire Fitbit ecosystem. The goal of providing accessible devices like this on a larger scale is to help enterprises manage and prevent costly chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension within their populations.

Fitbit Premium

A paid subscription service in the Fitbit app that uses your unique data to deliver Fitbit’s most personalized experience yet, with actionable guidance and coaching to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Premium leverages insights from 10+ years of Fitbit data as well as academic and medical expertise to help you move more, sleep better and eat well with customized programs, advanced sleep features, personal insights, thousands of workouts, new challenges, health reports and more – all in one place and made just for you. Premium will be available to any Fitbit user and to Fitbit Health Solutions customers.

Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Premium provides quality health and fitness tools, personalized guidance and coaching all in one place, enabling you to get a holistic view of your health that current offerings lack, all at an affordable price. Designed for those looking for extra motivation and support who may not know where to start, Premium offers the tailored support you need to help you make lasting behavior changes that lead to better health.

At launch, Premium includes nine guided health and fitness programs that help you get more sleep, wake up energized, increase your activity, manage nutrition and create lasting healthy habits, including Intro to Healthy Habits, Get More Zzz’s, Habits for Restful Sleep, Get Active, Beginner Running, Run Training, Understand Calories, Kick Your Sugar Habit and Kick Your Salt Habit. Programs include actionable coaching, daily tips and tricks, structured workout plans, relaxation tools, recipe suggestions, and educational content. Fitbit will launch additional activity, sleep, and nutrition programs by the end of the year, so regardless of your health journey or fitness level, you will have options to help you reach your goals.

Fitbit Premium

Premium sleep features include:

  • Analysis of your free daily Sleep Score, with a breakdown of your score and graphs to show how it was calculated based on your time asleep, deep and REM sleep stages and restoration.
  • Time asleep: See how time spent asleep versus awake impacts your score. While it is normal to spend some time awake, too much can lower your score. Your score is also based on if you reach your sleep goal each night.
  • Deep and REM sleep stages: Understand how time (and percentages) in each stage of sleep adds to or detracts from your score. These regenerative sleep stages give you a better understanding of your sleep quality.
  • Restoration: See how your sleeping heart rate compares to your average resting heart rate – an indicator of a restful night’s sleep – and how much time you spend tossing and turning. Your score will be higher if your heart rate is lower during sleep compared to your resting heart rate. Users whose heart rate was below their daytime resting heart rate for
    60 percent or more during the night report more restorative sleep.
  • Two guided programs, Get More Zzz’s and Habits for Restful Sleep, to help increase how long you sleep and improve your sleep quality.
  • A selection of 15- to 45-minute audio relaxation tools to help you wind down and fall asleep.

Pricing and availability

  • Fitbit Aria Air is available in black and white and will be available on September 2019 for INR 4,999 across Reliance Digital, Croma and other major retailers offline and online on Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Fitbit Premium starts at INR 819 a month or INR 6,999 a year.

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