Virtual assistant solutions are becoming more and more important for transforming the customer experience. According to a study by Gartner, In 2021, 15% of customer service around the world will be completely managed by Artificial Intelligence. Which is 400% more than in 2017. Beabloo and Advantech will present the virtual assistant Halo at ISE 2020 (Integrated Systems Europe). This voice- and touch screen-activated assistant can perform various functions, such as setting meetings for visitors, answering questions, and even preparing coffee.

Beabloo’s virtual assistant, Halo, will offer stand visitors coffee to show just one of the possible artificial intelligence applications for daily life. The virtual assistant Halo is integrated with leading language processing platforms, like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Service. It can also be integrated with digital signage and audience analytics systems and can be used in diverse sectors, including retail, event spaces, and hotels.


Intelligent virtual assistants are one of the key technologies for helping customers that are looking for answers, tips or solutions to problems. However, Gartner does mention in their report that the current generation of VCAs are often implemented incorrectly and can’t effectively manage data or understand what customers want. This is unacceptable for modern customers that are more informed and demanding than ever.

“As companies continue to apply multichannel strategies, especially in the retail sector, VCAs need to create added value. The screens integrated with VCAs must provide a unique experience and establish a positive, noninvasive relationship with customers to improve brand loyalty. Artificial intelligence systems like Halo can become great allies to the audiovisual industry, and can transform the way organizations provide answers, advice, and solutions to customers,” says Jaume Portell, CEO and founder of Beabloo, and an expert in artificial intelligence and retail tech.

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