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Uber has announced a partnership with CASHurDrive Marketing to provide more earning opportunities to thousands of drivers across India by offering Out-of-home (OOH) advertising on cabs.

As part of the partnership, Uber will enable drivers from more than 30 cities to connect with CASHurDrive for advertising on cabs, thereby creating new sources of revenue for the drivers. Advertisements on the vehicle can be in the form of Car-Wraps and In-Car branding.

“As an extension of our commitment to drivers, we are delighted to announce our partnership with CASHurDrive that will help drivers with an additional source of revenue. We hope our driver partners will utilise this opportunity and benefit from it. Drivers are pivotal to our business, and we are always looking for new ways to enhance drivers’ earning power and help them get the most of their time on the road.” said Mr. Pavan Vaish, Head of Central Operations, Uber India SA.

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“We are delighted to partner with Uber, and bring about new prospects to the transit OOH Advertising. We look forward to a long and mutually-beneficial partnership, while also providing unconventional advertising support to increase revenues of drivers.”, said Raghu Khanna, CEO, CASHurDRIVE.

Over the past few months, Uber has launched several initiatives and forged high profile partnerships to showcase its commitment to driver partners. Uber is committed to shaping the future of work for this new enterprising workforce of India by creating a sustainable environment through new and innovative engagement and welfare initiatives.

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