Western Digital, the leading storage peripherals brand in India just announced its channel partner program for the country. This new program aims to help WD’s partners in improving sales and other key metrics. The rewards initiatives and programs are uniquely designed for each set of channel partners to help them grow, maximize profitability, and, most importantly, delight their customers.

The newly launched rewards programs include:

SanDisk League of Heroes (SLH): SLH is created for recognizing and rewarding the best performing channel partners in the consumer segment. It will run for the whole year (2020). Each quarter represents a mission consisting of a number of stars that can earn the partners attractive rewards. The SLH program consists of rewards, booster rewards, and medallions that can earn exciting prizes.

Western Digital Elite Partner Promo: This program is for enterprise SIs and VARs who provide complete storage solutions to the customers. It is an annualized rewards program with quarterly rewards based on performance for the channel partners who sell Western Digital Ultrastar HDDs, SSDs and storage platforms and server portfolio that includes our JBOD, JBOFs, Ultrastar Serv24-A, and Ultrastar Serv60+8.

myWD™ Partner Program: myWD Partner Program is a highly successful rewards program that engages with partners within the IT and surveillance channel. Under this campaign, ~6000 partners participate under a timebound, two-way communication-based rewards platform and get trained on select, WD-branded products.

myWD Connect Program rides on the WhatsApp for the business platform and engages with 5000+ partners weekly, cascading benefits of WD branded devices. TechTalk app is focused on 1300+ SanDisk brand partners, keeping them updated on new offerings under SanDisk branded products. In addition, Western Digital has released effective sales tools for channel partners to engage with their customers in the form of video-based sales aides and the WD Purple™ Capacity Estimator app. Western Digital India’s channel initiatives are aligned to create a strong brand-distributor relationship by ensuring real-time communication, impactful training sessions, and various rewards initiatives to recognize and appreciate the performance.

Mr. Jaganathan Chelliah, Director Marketing, Western Digital India added “I can confidently say that our channel training and education programs are unparalleled. We are among a handful of organizations that impart training and education through comprehensive tech-based platforms such as our TechTalk, which is an app-based training module for mobile retailers to ensure that they are updated with the latest products and technology to cater to their customers. We are committed to our partners’ growth and success in today’s volatile and dynamic environment.”

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