Pioneer India, known for offering leading in-car entertainment systems, launched a new Subwoofer TS-WX3000T on 18th March 2020 priced at INR 9,900/-. This bass reflex tube is in a league of its own and will change the in-car audio experience to a great extent.

The four main features that set this audio powerhouse apart are high durability, impeccable sound quality, robust design, and smooth airflow improvement. These features make the TS-WX3000T, a haven for music lovers.

One feature that stands out in the TS-WX3000T is its durability thanks to the use of the latest technologies. The first being the buttress ring that helps in improving its stability and linearity during periods of heavy usage or high volumes. Another technical genius is an aluminum bobbin that improves heat absorption and power handling. One of the best features of the product is the voice coil that is made out of high-grade materials. It ensures that there is no deformation and drop-down, as is the case with other products available in the market. All these technologies together guarantee seamless and uninterrupted audio for a long time.

Key features of TS-WX3000T:

  • Sensitivity (88dB)
  • Maximum power 1600W
  • Nominal power 500W
  • Cabinet length (700mm)
  • Cabinet volume (50.9 liters)
  • Frequency response 20 – 2.5 kHz

On the launch, Ishii Hideaki San, Managing Director Pioneer Electronics India said, “Over the years, Pioneer has earned the trust of millions of customers and become synonymous with world-class audio and video systems for automobiles and the TS-WX3000T subwoofer will only take this legacy forward with its powerful sound quality”.

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