LG G8X ThinQ | Dual Screen : The master of omni-tasking!

Who would have thought that we all would be living in ‘The New Normal’? Yes, 2020 has changed our lives forever, the way we live, the way we work all has changed. Now it is up to us how we adapt to the newer ways of life. How we stay productive even with so much going around us. Just like everyone else, it was a challenge for me too. But thanks to all the great set of devices I have, my lockdown and ‘Work from Home’ experience was both efficient and enjoyable.

But I must give a special mention to the LG G8X ThinQ for being my lockdown buddy in the literal sense. Be it work or play, this LG dual-screen smartphone is a blessing in disguise. Unlike any other foldable or dual-screen smartphone, the LG G8X ThinQ with a 360 Degree Free-Stop Hinge & Folding Design.

In simpler words, thanks to the freestop hinge, I could flip the screen around or lock it in place at any angle. Since most of my work was happening on the G8X I was using it as a laptop when working on documents, for my zoom calls and webinars I used it in stand mode and do a full 360 flip and place it in tent mode for all my Netflix binge sessions. You have to give it to the engineers at LG for this design marvel.

LG G8X ThinQ | Dual Screen Apps

For those of you who would have used 2-in-1 machines that have a table with an attachable keyboard. I’m sure you would have always longed for a smartphone with a similar form factor. Well LG has answered your prayers as the LG G8X ThinQ gives you an option to have one screen or two, it is for you to choose. With full compatibility and support for an added dual screen as and when you need it, you can choose to tailor your phone to any situation, now or in the future.

Now let me share my personal experiences with the device that made me more productive and efficient.

Truth be told it’s not about multi-tasking anymore. It’s about omni-tasking and the LG G8X does Omni-tasking in style. The dual-screen allowed me to make the most even while web browsing, reading articles or shopping. I could look at a webpage on one screen and see extra details or translations on the other.

LG G8X ThinQ | Dual Screen Tricks

Similarly, for all my social media posts, I could see which filter worked for my shot and then shoot. I could switch between different options on the second screen while I captured the shot on your main screen. And then compared the edited shot with the original to see which looks best. Now tell me one smartphone that gives you an ability to do so.

There are many more such scenarios where the LG G8 ThinQ trumps over any other smartphone available in the market. Yes, even the latest foldable one’s fall short of it.

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