ETMoney and Google Pay

ETMONEY, one of India’s largest investment applications has tied a new strategic partnership with Google Pay: one of the fastest-growing UPI applications in India. Together they aim towards helping Indians simplify their financial life and feel more confident about their money; while offering its users a super-simplified way to invest in Mutual Funds and National Pension System (NPS).

This union will allow Google Pay users to recognize the right Mutual Funds and invest in them within minutes using their Google account and UPI ID. Additionally, it aims at providing a hassle-free experience, without adding a need to memorize multiple passwords or create any user IDs. Google Pay users will also experience the same ease while investing in the world’s cheapest retirement product, the National Pension System.

To bring millions of Google Pay users who are staying away from investing due to hassles involved in completing KYC onboard, ETMoney has come up with features including zero paperwork, instant KYC on the Google Pay App, and lots more. Adding to it, users can also go through curated lists of investment themes, see top mutual funds, and do a comparative analysis to make investment decisions quickly and with confidence.

Google pAY

“Innovation has been the cornerstone of our growth. ETMONEY’s integration with Google Pay is yet another innovation that marries the convenience of ETMONEY with the expansive reach of Google Pay. This will be a big push for the country’s financial ecosystem. We are starting with Direct Mutual Funds and NPS and will soon expand to our other offerings in the near future. The sheer reach and native experience offered by both platforms will be extremely helpful in driving the mission of simplifying the financial journey of millions of Indians,” said Mukesh Kalra, Founder-CEO Google Pay.

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